Clown Planet # 43

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Written by Carl Vernon


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  1. Thats a version of Schwab I have not seen before….so young and thin and no lines in his face! Wow!! Age reversal…. or just another clone? Wonder if he's even still alive.

  2. the 4.6 billion lightyears photo compared to the live feed thing, is easily explained with "photoshop" nasa's favourite tool! they admitted to doctoring/editing everything they give the public, the game was given away when they couldn't figure out how large the continent of america was supposed to be, and just winged it a few times, resulting in some humerous comparisons,

  3. Klaus you fool, we know It's not about saving anything, it's about increasing your members personal wealth gains, how can we save democracy when we live in a plutocracy! Does not make sense Mr Schwab. Many are not your fool.

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