Clueless CDC Director Challenged On COVID Death Count

We’re almost two years into the pandemic, and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky remains unable or unwilling to explain precisely how many Americans have died FROM coronavirus as opposed to dying WITH coronavirus. The perplexing issue of COVID death rates continues to confound authorities and drive suspicion about official figures.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss who benefits from the ongoing confusion over COVID death rates.

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  1. But I don't understand, they've been talking that bullshit for 2 years but suddenly when Joe Rogan has two controversially exclusive guests on his show, he's the reason the CDC isn't trusted???


  2. The 89x reduction means that the hospitals would cope perfectly and we wouldn't have any need for lockdowns if we just mandated everyone was vaccinated, because we'd have 89x less patients to worry about from covid.

    The fact that its less than 1% is irrelevant if hospitals are currently being overrun.
    Sure – it would have been even better if we had 5x more hospital capacity instead… but that's not something you can just quickly throw money at because you have to train the staff over years…

  3. And let's not forget about the nursing home mandates that happened all over the IS and in other countries… Forcing nursing homes to take in potentially sick people who were likely contagious on an effort to boost the deaths. Remember the NYU gradss they let graduate early who were then put on the floor in Elmhurst NY without trained doctors and then given a guideline to pit everyone on a respirator which was probably what killed many of them. Bus in nurses from all over the US and then haphazardly throw them into a chaotic hospital which is then going to suffer from everyone coming from a background where "we did this process this way at my clinic" and adding to the chaos and fear from the news place the least experienced early emergency grad docs in a situation where they're definitely not going to make waves or question treatment methods and then incentives for each hospitalized vent case and then death w COVID and it's obvious that they git the intended result with NY having much higher death rates than every other part of the world. You have to be moronic to have watched them make every single decision seemingly in an effort to get the worst outcomes in every single decision that was made. Following up with "oops our mistake" ven after the event 21 details came out… begging the question… if thaas done as a training exercise then why'd they repeat the exact same mistakes when they had just been through the simulation?

  4. We’ve actually lost ICU beds. We have 1200 roughly at the moment and began the pandemic with about 3000. ICU costs have increased for the patient to cover the loss in revenue. We just have to uncover why this occurred and who was in charge of this being done across the country.

  5. The CDC is a criminal organisation. I knew that before Convid. And I think the CDC already admitted that only 6% of covid deaths were purely due to covid. 6% of 836,000 is 50,160.

  6. Let's not forget that mass unnecessary testing is also boosting these numbers. But I fell so vindicated with others asking this question. I actually had arguments with Healthcare workers two summers ago saying the exact same thing, big difference between of and with. An illness so severe you have to take a test to find out you have it. Since when does a local hardware store stock pile home tests?????

  7. You've got to stop calling Omicron covid when doing statistics.

    It is dramatically different in symptomacity and severity.

    When you provide statistics for "covid" and the hospitalization rate, you're mixing data.

    This is what the media does because they want people to fear Covid19 and Omicron and future variants, even though thst is not supported by the medical community.

    Any time you see people talking about the danger of "covid" in the age of Omicron, you know they are mixing data and the info is no longer relevant.

    Delta was the most dangerous of the variants and it is out competed completely by Omicron. In any population that has had Omicron, delta will never be able to survive. And in any population that has had Omicron, a variant that is as dangerous as delta but is not delts, will never be able to survive. If a variant is able to survive, it will need to be more infectious than Omicron and be different enough that it is immune evasive.

    Because of the reasons that Omicron is so infectious, it's almost impossible for something that is more infectious to exist, but even more difficult for it to also be more dangerous.

  8. Uhhh… hate to be “that guy” and inform you Jimmy, my friend, buuut…def should know Bret Baier is a racist WHITE altRight card-carrying kkk member and Nazi! Damn Jimmy, my friend, the 🦊 is right there on screen 😆

  9. When the count was at 56k there was a quiet release from the CDC on a Friday evening and they themselves showed only 9k passed away from covid only. 9k. That's all. The MSM didn't touch it and it's obvious why they didn't. Cause big pharma owns MSM with funding

  10. Fucking amazing..If you're a hundred dollars out on your traditional tax returns you have the IRS knocking on your door in an instant, but the real death count from Covid and suddenly the state plays dumb..Don't you just love Demonocracy??

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