CNN Accidently ADMITS Trump & GOP Are RIGHT! Exposing Joe Biden’s RIDICULOUS Border Policies..


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  1. This was not a VIRTUE signal it is planned . They want to flood america they want our economy to colapse they have been activley working against us for decades.

  2. No kidding-they are like the only idiots on the face of the earth who did not know that there was a total sH@! show at our border thanks to Biden. Were are nothing but a joke now thanks to the PC liberal culture!

  3. AOC IS NOTHING BUT A JOKE ! Claiming she thought she was going to be murdered the day of STAGED Capital Hill Riot.Or when she at border at empty park lot crying because kids being locked in cages.Why is she not there now ??

  4. The trick has always been for conservatives to say the opposite of what they mean for eg say the wall is bad….and they will say its good….they are perverted in their thinking….

  5. Little moustache man was a hard socialist racist. He put all assets under public (government) control. Everyone worked for the fatherland.
    The bigger moustache man a bit further East did all the same stuff but used a “classist” (read anyone with assets) as the enemy. Everyone worked for the Motherland.
    No difference both as bad both hard left.

  6. CNN has lost Upwards of 400 Million Dollars in total Revenue and their ratings are crap.

    Nobody believes anything they say, so they know have 0 choice but to tell the truth as they won't be around much longer with the current Propaganda Business Model

  7. "Out to lunch?" More like they're shaking us down for our lunch money.

    Speaking of lunch money, why wait until illegal immigrants cross the border illegally to give them "voting rights?" Call it S-0 and HR-0: ALL humans who ever lived on Earth would be granted voting rights under these two federal bills and then permanently assigning those billions of votes by proxy to the DNC for every election. If there's an election for the local library board, several billion votes for the DNC candidate pop up against anybody who crassly tries to vote the wrong way or run for office. There'll never be any election result doubts again! Since nobody will ever have to make a dangerous journey to get inside the USA again, problems solved–the Democrat will win every election and all the peoples of Earth will get every benefit previously reserved to American citizens.

    Never mind what the petty little national governments in the rest of the world say…

  8. Hollywood, “celebrities”, MSM, corporations, elitists and so on are losing their influence over society. People are waking up and tuning them out.
    They’re not negatively impacted by the flood of immigrants, the lower and middle class are.
    The demographic that is hurt the most by illegal immigration is the black community.
    It’s obvious by their actions/policies that they don’t really care about black people they just use them for votes and everyday more black folks are waking up and seeing the truth.
    Dems are done for that’s why they are trying so hard to CHEAT the system with court packing, adding states and changing election laws.


    THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY WANTS OPEN BORDERS to get as many people into this country as possible in hopes of flooding the voting system to stay in power.
         It's all about Dictatorship.
    The democratic party will be in power forever.
        That's why they want to make Washington and porto Rico states.
        Combine 2 more DEMOCRATIC states, MINORITY voters, and illegal  voters the DEMOCRATIC party will never loose an election.
        Imagrints from other countries will overburden our natural and man-made resources and financial services.
        We will soon become a third world country and everyone will suffer for it.
       Watch Newsmax on TV

    The false idea that voter I D is racist can be disproven by the fact that when a person of any race is required to prove their identity to receive any kind of state or government benefits.
        Banking requires I D
    Purchasing alcohol requires an I D.
        Most states require an I D to purchase tobaco products.
        All states require an I D to register vehicles.
           Some or most Government buildings require an I D to enter.
         I D should be required in every state for one of the most important things anyone can can do. VOTE.
        The  DEMOCRATIC  party doesn't believe in voter ID, But they want everyone to have a covid ID that you must show to go to work, schoo, grocery shop, or any public place.
       Please pass this message on to others.

  11. They vote to force American Taxpayers to pay for this invasion, the housing, healthcare! WTH do they feel this is doing for the American People! Absolutely nothing that is what this administration is doing for us! Lockdowns so we can not gather and demand they stop

  12. The fool politicians have no Idea what are doing of the future generations of my country? What about their grandchildren or the future the their grandchildren's grandchildren and beyond. Democrats will be the end of our country in the next 20-30 years or less. I am glad I will not be here. I lived through the greatest generations of this country after WWII. I believe President Trump might have been our last chance. Some people should be hanged "just kidding".

  13. Ohhh Gees,,,, And this is supposed to be news to who????????? maybe old news, like decades old!!!!!!!!! CNN is on top of things as always