CNN CALLED OUT For Blaming VA Results On ‘White Supremacy’ | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at how the media universally blamed the VA election results on ‘white supremacy’ after Batya Ungar-Sargon called out CNN for doing so on Brian Stelter’s show

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  1. It’s called projection. That’s all the spoon feeders have to oppose better ideas. The lefty supporters can’t see how racist they actually are so they project it on to others. It’s a sign of cognitive dissonance in the weak minded sheeple and dishonesty and corruption in the politicians wielding these horrible ideas

  2. How about the parents be more concerned about their children surviving instead of some arbitrary timeline that they may be behind on? Because if they don't survive that timeline won't mean anything anyway.

  3. On some level I hope that the progressive media continues their strategy. As much as it infuriates me to hear the overt slander of voters who don't buy or believe the leftist activist media, it seems to work as way to drive voter participation with the opposition. It seems to boost minority votes cast for the opposition. I want that piggy Stelter to keep trotting out those talking points. It becomes more and more obvious that their bias us not only obvious but also bat shit crazy.

  4. My daughter is 8, She plays with kids of every race on this suburban block. I'll be damned if confused adults inflict their warped reality on my child. It should be these warped progressives taking lessons from the kids.

  5. There are about how many eligible black voters? Around 13 to 17 million? Serious question, I don’t know. But there are close to 180 million eligible white voters? With that woman would say white people are afraid that “brown people” taking over the country…just a poor take. There is not “brown person” in office that didn’t get voted in by a majority of white voters. Other than some rare cases like some of “The Squad” members living in certain districts…Political ideals, not race, determine who most rational people vote for.

  6. IF white supremacy, racism was so much of an issue, none of these folks would have a platform.
    yet, they own the platform…. they're not just on it, the completely control the airwave, the airtime on MSM.
    is that not proof of little to no racism? If anything, they are the ones perpetuating this as a probelm cause they can't seem to get over it.
    Their parents, grandsparents were victims of racism. These people today have no idea what racism really is, everything they don't understand is racism. period.

  7. “CNN sat down with 4 white moms” lol! If that isn’t white supremacy then what is? I would love to hear a story about CNN sitting down with 4 Black moms…. The election in Virginia was absolutely-100% about white supremacy. What did you clowns see? Progressives my ass. Go after racism hard, and never let up, until it is obliterated.

  8. Ok, lets get this straight. White people dont like crt. Black people don't like crt. Latino people don't like crt. None of these groups like border jumpers, especially latinos. This "racism" narrative that the left is pushing is for one thing. They want to prove that america and all its systems and laws are inheritantly racist so they can remove them and rewrite them. They want to rewrite the constitution so they can remove your 1a, 2a, ect rights. This is their plan. That is why everything is racist.

  9. This is a perfect… He pot.. This is kettle.. Your black… Amazing. They claim that the republicans are doing exactly what they’ve been doing for years. Race card.. When your loosing .. You always have the race card..

  10. all you guys having only the worst life for me humannly possible is not acceptable. you are the worst future i could ever see for me and who i am. ive suffered more than you want to hear about.

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