CNN Challenge Shows How LITTLE The Mainstream Media Covers Real News, Orange Man Is Always The Topic

Tim highlights the focus of mainstream media outlets on Trump to the exclusion of all other news, and how much the media needs Trump to survive.

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  1. CNN turned my stomach during the 2016 election. They completely abandoned anything that resembles news coverage and sold themselves to destroy the president the American people elected. TRUMP 2020

  2. Bro, just last night I saw a neighbor had put up a Biden sign. I had to stare at it a bit because the cursive joe apparently wrote in for the sign isn't the most legible.

  3. Once a month I drive to Columbus Ohio or Bellevue Kentucky from northern Indiana and throughout the drive it shows me how the REAL Americans feel, not extremely dense cities where the legacy media headquarters are but small towns and communities and small cities. Trump signs EVERYWHERE and more are always up the next time I pass.
    Rich areas, poor areas, ghettos, middle of nowhere, on churches, on cars, minivans with Trump flags, billboards. I have a hunch that the polls aren’t accurate

  4. I have a sincere question for anyone whose been following Tim for awhile….

    I have heard Tim on The JRE a handful of times, but only recently have I started to tune into his channel (or the algorithm has been leading me here I should say haha). Has Tim been a Trump supporter from the beginning? Or would Tim even consider himself a Trump supporter?

    Maybe there is a video you can point me to where he specifically addresses this, but from all the videos I have seen, Tim seems to be siding with Trump on most issues.

    It doesn't matter either way to me, I find his point of view interesting on most topics. I just like to know if the info I am getting is flavored by any particular bias one way or another. Thanks!

  5. Yes people can fact check these media people but they know people wont and banning any popular sources of contradiction means it wont be thrown in their face

  6. Michigan's annual "The Woodward Dream Cruise" was canceled due to Covid19. It is where people drive up and down Woodward in Old Fashion Cars with music and events.
    So a group of people decided to still do it but do it as "The Woodward Dream Cruise for Trump". They drove up and down Woodward with American Flags (like normal) but also with Vote for Trump signs. the news ignored it and refused to acknowledge it even happened.

  7. Focusing on Trump and his constant screw ups is a bad thing? It's called accountability. You can believe the criticism or whatever spin will make him look good, that's all based on your bias.
    But also yes anything that makes minorities look bad never gets covered. This is a serious problem with national media.

  8. Drive down to Astoria, Bend, or anywhere in Oregon that isn't Portland. You will see hundreds if not thousands of trucks with two to four Trump flags. Drive to Portland and they'll only have one or just a bumper sticker and they park in their garage at night

  9. I’m going to make a prediction: After President Trump leaves office [in four years], there’ll be an establishment of a new third party. The Democrat party is shot, since they’re forced to pander to the radical Left. The Republican Party’s new momentum is only because of Trump. The middle-class knows now that they’ve been lied to by both parties. The Globalist rich only care about money and power—not our Republic or its people.

  10. My ex wife and my ex girlfriend are both anti trumpers. So because of that they don’t care to fact check. They blindly believe, even when they know it could be false, because they want people to flip that like him.

  11. At this point I'm so sick of the CNN, MSNBC, socialist propaganda machines.
    Despite the fact these lieing, fake news useful idiots have the right, the damage they are responcible for makes me wish they were charged and Prosicuted as accesorys in the crimes they aid in creating.
    If we were in a declared war, they would be in internment camps or beaten in the streets by citizens.

  12. I stoped watching TV 20 years ago. I stoped believing the propaganda machine about the same time.
    MSM is now the equivalent of a tabloid. Or click bait crap.
    They lie, criminal lies.

  13. Adam hit the nail on the head. Trump befriended the dems in the 80’s. He knows them well and then he runs for president as a Republican and goes after the democrats that are up to no good and they hate him for knowing them so well. Genius

  14. All of this makes one wonder what the media will report on after Trump leaves office. Will they have to go out, find and report on real news items…………like the first robin of spring (insert sarcasm icon here ->).