CNN – complaining about Taibbi – declares itself one of the few “major credible news organizations”

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. CNN = Certainly Not News. Although to be fair, anyone who is relying on CNN, Fox "News," MSNBC, or any of the other alphabet-soup propaganda outlets for news, are getting cheerleaders not journalists. None of those organizations have a journalist as credible as Matt Taibbi.

  2. FOX: Fragile Old Xenophobes. Of course their viewers didn't go anywhere, they are too old to figure out how to get streaming news. And they thrive on the filth that Tucker and Hannity spew every night .

  3. Oh wait, I hadn't heard about part of this. I knew that MSNBC tried streaming with Nicole Wallace and how THAT was a laughable failure. I didn't know that CNN tried the same thing with the same result. Puts a literal smile on my face, and I'm using "literal" in the classic sense here, as in "If you were part of government surveillance and decided to look at my face right now through my webcam, you would see a big ol' smile on it."

  4. Well if CNN has so few viewers how are they able to pay the bills? Where is their income coming from?
    I've also noticed that having a different opinion isn't regarded as a healthy aspect of society like it once was.
    Funny how opinions on once sacrosanct principles can be inverted right in front of your eyes huh?

  5. What's with the boomer audio quality of his voice recording? Sounds scratchy and thin, like compression artifacts or something. Greenwald needs to have better audio than this if he wants anyone to take this channel seriously. Bad video quality can be overlooked. Bad audio quality can not.

  6. The post truth world that was blamed on Trump actually refers to our messaging outlets (I refuse to call them news outlets). I'm not saying they always lie but neither are they always honest, because I include lies by omission.

    edit You have to get the sound quality sorted Glen. Its not good.

  7. As a high school teacher told us in the 90s, "You cannot cite cable news as a journalistic source in your work." And yet even though they were completely unworthy of being used a legitimate reference source, compare the level of quality between them back then and where they are now.

  8. Yoel Roth is making statements to suggest the 3 letter agencies were forcing him to engage in censorship. He was no dupe. He became drunk on his own perceived power and took great satisfaction in his own AND Vijaya Gadde's ability to shut down any dissent. He AGREED with them. Now he's crying victim. He was no victim. He was an active participant and team member.

  9. Well I hate to mention this but until somebody can tell us who modified those files after the laptop was dropped off we don’t know the source of the disinformation but we can see that we can not trust anything in those modified files.
    So I think that leaves dick pics and internet history , nothing connecting Biden Sr

  10. Glenn love your show but you need to get the audio under control, would love to help if you need suggestions. The fist issues I see and then hear is that you are using two mics which is not good because all voice is usually in mono, one mic. This is what creates lots of your phase issues and make it sound so crunched and unintelligible.

  11. It seems clear that Bari Weiss was "credible" enough when she was routinely used by the NYT to do hit pieces on Bernie Sanders during the last Democratic Presidential primary season.

    Always important to remember that under Neoliberalism, all morality is transactional.

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