CNN Coverage Called Out TO ITS FACE!!!

Former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss confronted CNN’s Brian Stelter about his network’s coverage of, amongst other things, the COVID-19 lab leak theory.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Everybody my circle of friends believe that the Social Democratic Communist Party paid for with tax dollars for the research and development of covid-19 to seal the 2020 elections payback is a b** Democrats

  2. I agree, you shouldn't censor online content. It goes against the civil liberties we enjoy. I do like your videos and will continue to watch them, however I disagree with your equality statements and the money making abilities of big business. The "common person" in one way or another is paid (work incentive) by Big Business. If you were to highly regulate Big Business, would this not decrease the paychecks of ordinary people? I disagree with Communism as it disincentives people unless some draconian measures are put in place to ensure compliance, i.e. Big Government, Gestapo, KGB, call it what you want.

  3. RB, thank you! I don't always agree with you, but it's a pleasure listening to somebody speaking logic without demonizing one side or another. Sadly, the world is not like this any more and if we had more respectful and sober conversations, maybe things would be different. Loving your content.

  4. I think people in general need put a cushion on their asses and stop getting so butt hurt.. I speak bluntly and vividly, I often offend people. Most of the time they miss the point I painted because of the descriptive words and morbid outlook on a sunny days breeze. I grew up in the eighties, I could care less what you say, it's your opinion. I care what people do and how they go about it.. I also believe that this ,,racism,, stuff that you were speaking about , should be talked about. I say it's silence and the lies that keep racism flourishing, you can't stop something by keeping it quiet or not wanting to hear it .. I just really think we all need to grow up and carry our own weight.

  5. Lolololol and imagine acting like Bari Weiss is somehow brilliant. You are real life Aldous Snow if he started falling down conspiracy rabbit holes instead of banging lots of women. You should be embarrassed. Sensible folk see right through your smart sounding yet meaningless style of speaking. It gives me a damn headache. Get help and stop making the world a place that is tough to swallow for us decent and sensible people.

  6. The supernatural is in control of this world and the people in it. A spiritual war that we cannot see, but only feel. It's pushing the toxicity to the forefront like a zit ready to explode. All you can do is sit back and watch as our creator and the creator of everything around us flush the wrong doers, the lost, the corrupt down the toilet. Take your jabs toxic ones…you won't be here a year from now!

  7. It's really sad and sobering to think that such a novel concept as "give everyone the freedom to be wrong" has become a cardinal sin whether it's over the internet or in person. People don't really need to be debating their friends every time they share a space, but many days I feel like the extremist myself to pursue engagement with people who think differently than me, absorb the parts I can support, and then form a new perspective that becomes my updated view on any given topic. I've had so many pepole I attempt to engage with lead to their endgame of either labeling me a certain way and dismissing me or becoming a wall of their own to hear but not listen to any thing that doesn't directly appeal to their presupposed beliefs even if it can appeal indirectly. The exchange of ideals in an attempt to form a well-rounded society died despite us being able to interact with many, many more people than ever before.

    The tribalism that has formed through the groups severely influenced by these media groups that serve to motivate the masses (while truly serving their divisive economic overlords) into the very stereotypes we should be trying to shatter just keeps winning because the people we're supposed to admire and look up to aren't helping anyone grow. Very few people want to hear anything that breaks them from their spell or puts more on their plate than they can handle. Being anti-politics has become a political stance of its own. A growing number of people are tired of the vitriol and violence toward ideas to the point that most are either disenfranchised through tribalism or apathy. It's really sad especially for those of us who want to encourage discourse.

    Perhaps my intellectual aspirations are worthless and ultimately lead to chasing Utopia, but I'd like to think there's merit to my worldview and in one way I'm looking to improve myself, but I'd like to think others would consider the same. Maybe trying to hold people to my personal standard is my real issue.

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