CNN Crew ARRESTED LIVE, Rioters Have Razed An Entire Police Department, Its The WORST I’ve Ever Seen

CNN Crew ARRESTED LIVE, Rioters Have Razed An Entire Police Department, Its The WORST I’ve Ever Seen

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  1. I imagine it's criminal gang members, criminals and other political players that are mixed in with the protesters and starting the fires, destruction and riling up the crowd.
    Confirming my hunch are titles I see saying the people arrested are not from the area.

  2. Tim kinda being a hypocryte on this one. the state was massively not abading the constitution in a calm an peacefull state with corona. this is chaos. and if they remove journalist getting in the way even when complaing it not good but not the worst thing ever. yet here you get furious about? bias mutch?

  3. Looks like a case of 1350 to me, meanwhile dragging any that made it out of the ghetto right back to the ghetto level, because it's a cultural problem and not a skin color problem.

  4. Hate to say it but I'm glad they burned the police precient.
    I keep saying burning your neighborhood is stupid.
    Go to the officers home, his HQ, the Mayor's & governor's homes, DA's, other Judicial entities & politicians.
    Only then will they get the message.
    This Police brutality nonsense needs to stop and protecting them also needs to stop!

  5. Well Tim it’s probably time you address something. Apparently not only was Floyd collecting a decent if not constant rap sheet. Independent Coroner report found he had a heart attack and died from it. He was on fentanyl and methamphetamine . Coroner report cited, “report also released Monday, said that the cause of death is "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression." Cardiopulmonary arrest means Floyd's heart failed.” (

    The medical examiner made no mention of asphyxiation. Though knee on knock likely didn’t help. Now CNN is still saying based on report it was still homicide. I’m not sure we can say this. My reasoning is look into other arrests where the cop did the same way of restraint an arrestee.

    Also Hennepin County Examinar findings are noted this way, “Preliminary autopsy results cited in the complaint involving Chauvin said combined effects of being restrained, any potential intoxicants in Floyd's system and his underlying health issues, including heart disease, probably contributed to the man's death.”

    Now where my objection is how they restrained him and it’s still wrong. Even if the police did not actually kill but instead his drugs. In the article Baden says, “Police have this false impression that if you can talk, you can breathe. That's not true,"

    Now address these findings and stop pecking this as a racial crime or even moonlighting it that way. The people protesting didn’t wait for the evidence. Two coroners found alternate cause of death. Rioters are in clear wrong no matter how you slice the pie.

  6. The monster that the Democrats created is eating them. That monster needs to stay in those communities. because if you come out to the suburbs, we're not waiting on the police or the national guard we'll handle it ourselves.

  7. Congrats BLM, Antfa, and anyone else who was stupid enough to go out and riot, if it true about that Target being security experiment, (which it probably is ) you just told a bunch of large-scale businesses that it still not safe to open shop in poor black community. Good luck "coming up" when their not a decent job for miles. These fucker aren't fighting inequality, there creating it so when they fail, they can say the system was rig against them.

  8. I remember when I was a kid around 1980 I was driving through Newark nj with my stepfather. It was a section were the riots of the 60s happened. It had not been fixed and there were burned down buildings every were. The neighborhood was like crazy town. Drug addicts laying on the side of the streets. A guy was flailing his arms all over the place like he was being attacked by bees or something. People crowded around a metal barrel with a fire in it. It was like the movies. I will never forget it because I have never seen any thing like it. The neighborhood was so bad and depressed. And that was 20 some thing years after the riots. They burned down their own neighborhood. I know they had good reason back then to be angry and protest. But they destroyed the place were they lived. I didn't quite understand back then because I was young. But thought about it over the years, and thought it was crazy. I wish these rioters could see and understand what I saw, and realize they are destroying their future.

  9. I know I'm late to this "party", but you're wrong when you said you didn't inherit anything.

    You (likely) inherited a work ethic. Some folks inherit a don't-work ethic. That makes a major difference in financial success as well, much more than inherited financial wealth.

    This is why the chances of being prosperous DIMINISH for each successive generation of inherited wealth. They get the cash but not necessarily the method to earn more.

  10. Dude this cnn video is so fake. Why would a rioter be running towards a line of cops. Why do they take the rioter so gently. Why did the report get arrested so gently and awkwardly. And then they just let the cameraman film all shis shit? Watch that cnn video again. I've seen bad acting.

  11. 2:10 I agree that 1st amendment is a good thing and should be upheld. That said, imo such channels should perhaps have to put a disclaimer on every article and before every clip or show stating how full of BS and bias they are….especially if they put out more "opinion pieces" than actual factual news.
    5:25 What about citizen journalism, Tim? I'd take that over most msm these days.
    5:40 What about when the msm outlets(some) are essentially fanning the flames of what is going on?
    6:05 Welcome to the tactics of many MSM companies, Tim.

  12. I'm from the future, it gets worse. Now take your fucking red pill.
    Also time travel does not exist you guys in the past are going to be amazed when antifa takes a police station.

  13. How do the people protesting and rioting not see that the ones promoting this are the richest and most privileged in our society. Why are they letting themselves be puppets for the ones they are supposed to be fighting against?!! ?

  14. Can you explain why when cops arrested the film crew when the cops picked up the camera you could see the lead dangling, Question if lead had been disconnected where was the power coming from to still show live oictures?

  15. Is it possible that this was a staged event, hardly any protestors and then they arrest lead reportor then come back after a minute or so for the rest of the team Why?

  16. A police officer has wide lattitude when arresting. They have to let go of you within 24 hrs if you don't get charged. These reporters were not mistreated and released. It was handled properly. in no way do I want to see the press get special treatment. they all have access to telephoto lenses. They purposely put themselves in precarious positions. And then whine about it. Black lives matter not arrested reporters.

  17. THE FOURTH TURNING. Allowing people to behave in a criminal manner while manipulating the Media is no different to throwing the prisons open and not protecting citizens. Maybe that comes next. The 11th to 14th minute of this video should be shown to anyone who thinks that the BLM inspired agitation is literally about Black power.

  18. If the reporters would not move when first asked, FOR THEIR SAFETY. Which is what happened here, the little play of video after was asked several times is what you hear here Tim. That was for show.

  19. Better they arrest someone by mistake and then release them, than rioters with fake pressbadges go free. Mistakes can be resolved, a burned bulding or wounded person is not fixed as easily