CNN Denies We’re In A Recession To Boost Biden

New York Times opinion writer Paul Krugman won a Nobel Prize for Economics, but lately it seems like he’s gunning for a new prize – that of Biggest Apologist for the Biden administration. And in that role most recently Krugman has been downplaying the prospect that the United States economy is in recession, even though by all traditional definitions of the term we most certainly are. CNN’s Brian Stelter helps further the cause by giggling along as Krugman twists the language and the truth to suit the needs of his masters in the Democratic Party.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the contortions Krugman engages in to try to persuade us that the economy is doing super duper.

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  1. Biden Administration: We're not in a recession
    Reasonable Human Being: Really? Because we've had two consecutive quarters of negative GDP
    Biden Administration: I know that what has always been the definition of a recession, but now that's not the definition of a recession.
    Reasonable Person: Umm…kay, then how would you define a recession?
    Biden Administration: We're not going to define it.
    Reasonable Person: Can't? or Won't?
    Biden Administration: Either? Both? Listen we can't define a recession for you. We're not economists.
    Reasonable Person: If you can't define what a recession is, THEN HOW CAN YOU SAY WE"RE NOT IN ONE?

  2. Janet Yellen says inflation is transitory.
    Janet Yellen says the negative GDP is transitory.
    Can Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary be the next thing that is transitory, only this time ACTUALLY be transitory and move on the feck out.

  3. Imagine a doctor saying: "I don't think you have cancer, and what does it matter if you do? Ok, so you have out of control malignant growths of cells forming in your body that is seriously threatening your health and well being. The state of your health is the state of your health. What does it matter if we use the 'C' word or not? Everything's fine, just keep doing what you're doing."
    That feels a lot like what Krugman said about the recession.

  4. When Ukrainian troops in Mariupol surrendered to Russia it was called "evacuation" and not surrender.
    Now inflation and recession are both been defined in one term "Transition".
    Capitulation and Handing over Afghanistan to Taliban was called the biggest and most successful 'withdrawal' in history

  5. I love it especially when JD exposes the hypocrisy with the Black po-lie-ticians. The Black community needs to seriously listen to Jimmy Dore because they sleep az phuk!!!!! I'm a Black man and JD and his crew are do justice by giving us the TRUTH.

  6. Remember the Fed exists to (edit for YT censor: FORNICATE) you in one of two ways:

    1. Increase inflation. This devalues money hoards ('savings'). Hence profiteers to re-invest, and inhibits workers saving. Hence raises employment.

    By ensuring the 'extra money' in form of cheap loans flow to big corporates, they ensure its just you getting FORNICATED.

    2. Raise interest rates. This reduces interest rates by sucking more money out of you on everything you use. It will pop a bunch of bubbles and centralize in hands of big financial institutions.

    Again, ensuring money flows to big corporates to ensure you get FORNICATED.

    Democrats tend to praise 1. Republicans tend to praise 2.

    They both FORNICATE you

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