CNN Employees ‘FREAK’ Over Bad Ratings | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar talk about CNN’s tanking ratings causing employees to freak out and blame the new strategy from management on the decline

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  1. “I don’t have an issue with partisan journalism…” How about you just deliver the effing news Krystal and let people use that lump between their ears to critically think. I swear she is just one big paycheck offer a way to becoming part of the corporate liberal media and everything she acts like she hates.

  2. Half of CNN's viewership #s come from venues that get paid to put CNN on 24/7. Airports, hotel lobbies, etc. Do the world a favor and carry around a Universal Remote and change the channel.

  3. The winning strategy for CNN is to fire everybody, close their doors, take the big CNN sign off the building, sell the building and disappear into history. This would LITERALLY make the world a better place OVERNIGHT!

  4. They say they want to be less partisan but then you still have Don Lemon saying you can't/shouldn't cover cover republicans fairly (more or less).

  5. I find it ironic that CNN is doing what they need to do and their response is "That's not going to work" yet it's essentially the same model breaking points wants to be in.

  6. I get that it will take an iron will to hold onto objective truth reporting. It would take time to build up the trust, hope they can hold the line for long enough. It’s definitely the medium-long term play. I guess it depends on the parent co. long term plan, just guessing but that might be the best anchor to hold the line on building a real audience with trust. Even if they’re not perfect. We like real news, right guys?

  7. CNN intentionally sold it's soul & journalistic integrity for ad revenues & shallow posturing celebrity.

    Now that those things are running out .. what do they have left? Nothing but an inert monstrosity, a mockery of everything they once stood for.

  8. When you constantly bash people over the head by telling them that their point of view is wrong and not even worth considering, those people are eventually going to start believing that there's got to be something else in the marketplace that is for them. That is what has happened….gotta love capitalism at it's finest. Couldn't happen to a better employer, product and workplace!

  9. It’s too bad, because CNN was once a respected, objective, quotable news source. Infotainment doesn’t even begin to describe what they turned into, Crystal. 😭 I would NEVER quote them in a paper, and I once could use them as a source. WTF happened.

  10. Don Lemon's recent rant about not catering to Repbulican's should give you an idea on how far reaching CNN's attempt to "neutralize" the partisanship has gone. ie ZILCH.

  11. The issue isn't that they didn't pander enough to Republicans. It's because they didn't hold the Democrats accountable… ever.
    Trying to fix it by pandering to Republicans while continuing to not hold the Dems accountable is the worst choice they could make.

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