CNN FREAKS OUT Over Congress Investigating Twitter Censorship

Not everyone is happy that the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability is investigating Twitter’s collusion with federal agencies to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story and other verboten topics. CNN host Don Lemon and guest Professor Scott Galloway both railed against the effort, with Galloway going so far as to suggest the hearings will embolden the Chinese to send more spy balloons our way.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the borderline unhinged response from CNN to these Congressional hearings.

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  1. All the sleazy politicians, globalists, (so-called) experts, royals, oligarchs, theocrats, technocrats, kleptocrats, bureaucrats, CEOs, warmongers, journalists, main stream media, bank(st)ers, all members of the WEF, WHO, UN, EU, Military-Industrial complex, the Secret Service, police, judiciary, big pharma, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, Skull & Bones, Club of Rome, and many other organizations and corporations, the entire Cabal and everyone associated with it, all of these evil criminal dumbass corrupt assholes, should be charged with crimes against humanity.


  2. Guillotines never went out of style, and can stop this type of double speak and propagandists behaviors. It’s time to go after the WEF, Gates and the rest of these vile things. Galloway just doing his part to simp out to the parasitic h trafficking globalist blights.

  3. Say what you want about Republicans. They are heartless and selfish, don't have the long-term best interests of our society at heart… but they live a lot more on the ground and in the real world than modern liberals and progressives. Hearing CNN lament misinformation is clown world. The problem with Republicans isn't misinformation. it's that it's a dead-end ideology.

  4. Jimmy, it’s time for you to get on Bannon’s War Room. Bannon’s for a progressive tax on the rich, plus you can negotiate a base line health care plan for all as a compromise. This is what they have in Hong Kong. It’s a two tiered system which give practically free service to the poor, but which has some form of rationing. There’s not much your guys don’t agree on regarding war, corruption and the attack on the American middle class.

  5. Don: American people will have to suffer through this.

    People who were paying attention: Everyone had to suffer through all the attempts to control the narrative over and over, since they lost all control in 2016.

  6. Scott would have everyone believe, that people actual think the best place to plan a revolution/revolt is on twitter and believe that their government isn't listening… Snowden smacking himself in the forehead. haha!

  7. Jimmy I hate to tell you but all colleges including your “public” institutions are corporations and operate as corporations. They all use terms like corporate governance. If you scroll to the bottom of each colleges web domain you will see .Inc after their names.

    The first ever corporation in this country was a college… it all started there… something which Thomas Jefferson fought hard against with Hamilton and his ilk

  8. That Scott dude sounds like the character "Hillary Supporter" , that does that phony phone calls segment the show used to do.

    PS: How propaganda works. Use a little bit of truth surrounded by bs. Replace thought with slogans. This "professor" does that. Advertising is propaganda. Thats reality.

  9. 5:40 – He's saying that they are aware of their bias and therefore overcompensating for their bias. That works with racist liberals overcompensating by pretending to be extra woke… it never really applies to political leanings tho. Progressives are never more lenient with conservatives and conservatives are never more lenient with progressives.

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