CNN Goes Full Political Lobbyist For Tribal Left, Don Lemon LIES To Hurt Elon Musk And Tesla

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  1. I don’t know if Mr. Musk would want to move this far but I feel sure TN’s Republican governor would be open to discussing the possibility. Plus we could use the jobs.

  2. These CNN grunts are just political activists. Anyone watching CNN doesn't care about truth or real news. You only watch CNN to soothe your TDS.
    Cuomo meathead defied orders.

  3. So now the left hates people who are trying to help the climate from climate change from gas cars? ? They say Tesla is now right wing. I wonder if all the climate control people will sell their electric cars and go to gas guzzlers lol! Hypocrites

  4. CNN is the media arm of the Democratic party, and Fox news is the media arm of the Republican party. They are two sides of the same coin, but only Fox is honest about that.

  5. The notion of "the press" needs to be clarified in the constitution. You're not free press when you are funded by corporations and factions of the government. When the "press" are guided by the CIA or NSA and funded by foreign governments or companies that have stated agendas, they should not be allowed the freedom that was provided for press to present the American people with facts, to hold the powerful accountable. The 1st amendment is not to be used as a cloaking force allowing powerful people or companies to tear apart the foundations of what made that freedom possible to begin with.

  6. People should just boycott CNN. They are bad reality tv. All their people are Clowns. It's all TRUMP bashing and race baiters. They push their agenda. IT'S ALL FAKE NEWS!!!!!

  7. CNN is f*cked up. Elon Musk can move his factory to a Red state. CNN is not just anti-trump, it’s anti white. Don Lemon is one racist guy… just look at the shit that comes out of his yap.

    Lemon will go down with the ship… cannot lock down forever.