CNN Goes SILENT As Their Guest Absolutely WRECKS Joe Biden’s First Year In Office!!


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  1. Biden's failure ?
    more propaganda for the necessary idiots of conservatism

    the constitution doesnt allow any President to create any legislation
    creating legislation is the job of congress

    like AKWAYS it is the conservatives in Congress that failed to advance the legislation that the majority of Americans are demanding

  2. What the hell is wrong with Republicans? I have not heard ONE say anything about Biden's reference to George Wallace and Bull Conner, the KKK (white supremists), or Jim Crow. They should be POUNDING the airwaves, letting the Democrat liberals know that ALL these people and things came from the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

  3. Joe Biden cheated to win in 2020. All the evidence has been ignored and buried. Democrats will cheat again, they will keep cheating until they get in trouble. Getting into trouble is not likely to happen so long as they continue to win. It’s an anti-American bubble not likely to burst anytime soon.

  4. All over the emotional people that hated Trump and would do anything to get rid of him. Well you got it so now deal with it. Trump tried to warn you of what was coming but an all out hate war against him got the world this. Enjoy and hope it can be repaired.

  5. Hell, in his very first day in office, he immediately incited the population with signing more executive orders than Trump and Obama in their entire terms COMBINED! He crashed the bus before he even warmed up the driver's seat.

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