CNN Host Admits War Is About Ratings

CNN “media critic” Brian Stelter recently crowed about the swelling audience numbers the Ukraine conflict has brought to the cable news network, suggesting that the increased viewership indicates how much viewers “trust” CNN. Or maybe people are just tuning in to CNN for the on-the-ground coverage from the front lines DESPITE not trusting CNN in general. Either way, Stelter is tacitly admitting that war is good for business at CNN.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss why “the most trusted name in news” is not, in fact, all that trusted.

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  1. Did anyone look into the slimy politicians on BOTH SIDES that ran to buy up war stocks WEEKS BEFORE Russia made its move!?
    They all making $$$ off inside info!

  2. Metzger is always trying to get attention. I wish I didn't have to endure this intrusive behavior. I don't find this person funny, either, which makes having to put up with him even more tedious than it already is.

  3. At least there is a silver lining, Comrade Jimmy Dore reached 1 million subscribers by making videos countering the MSM coverage the "special military operation" by Russia in Ukraine.

    Glory to Soviet Russia and Glory to Putin.

  4. If the MSM fakes one story (Miss Ukraine, Ghost of Kyiv, etc.) they are all fake. I’m not 100% positive Russia has even crossed the border. How do we know it’s nothing more than Western Ukraine fighting with Eastern Ukraine like they have been for years? The amount of emotional pandering coming from CNN on a daily basis is laughable. I bet anything Anderson Cooper is NOT even in Ukraine.

  5. For me it first started with the invasion of Iraq, watching news anchors cheering on the death and destruction of civilians in another country. The latest surge of sh!t from the Canadian media then ramped up with the Convoy to Ottawa. Right from the get-go it was 24/7 smears and lies about the truckers. Now it's: we must support and fund nazis in Ukraine, Russia should be nuked. One local news show was about an 18 year old with Ukrainian heritage packing off to fight against Putin, and they were PROUD he was going…probably to his death.

  6. Oh, for them is much more then ratings. Them, their masters earn ridiculous amounts of money over this. You don't think they all behave like Nancy and rest of the admin with their stock tips?

  7. When CNN was first rolled out it was a joke. No watched it, everyone still watched their evening news. Then George HW went into Kuwait and they televised it 24/7 and people got hooked. Had it not been for war CNN would have fizzled.

  8. Thank God Biden has put an end to Saudi attacks on Yemen.
    The Saudis have doubled down on attacks on Yemen? But Biden has put a boycott on Saudi oil, right? Because attacks on civilians are immoral, right? No? He's begging for more oil at over $100 a barrel?
    God bless America.

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