CNN Host Chris Cuomo Just SNAPPED, Slams CNN As Hyperpartisan And Ridiculous, Media Trust COLLAPSED

CNN Host Chris Cuomo Just SNAPPED, Slams CNN As Hyperpartisan And Ridiculous, Media Trust COLLAPSED. Speaking on his radio show Chris Cuomo slammed CNN for being hyperpartisan and being ridiculous.

While it may be fair to argue he is talking about other networks like Fox And MSNBC much of his sentiment is aimed at his own job where he says “I don’t like what I do professionally”

Cuomo complains that Democrats and Republicans often come on his show and say things they don’t mean. He mentions that its not worth the millions of dollars being a celebrity and he has already saved enough money.

I wish Cuomo had this crisis of principal before taking a hyperpartisan cable job at a network with people like Jim Acosta. Perhaps then people could have prevented the downward decline of media.

But CNN in their desperate attempt to stay afloat just rags on Trump and Republicans. Cuomo seems to have had enough much like many other staffers we heard from in the project veritas videos.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. CNN depends on Trump for their ratings. Democrats are the only ones who like CNN. They just give opinion, not news or facts just opinion.

  2. Those folks aren’t journalists. They’re just talk shows. Heck this is just a talk show. You get news off the net, then provide an opinion if it. It keeps them from getting sued for defamation by people constantly.

  3. OK , Tim says "two brothers that share corny jokes ABOUT coronavirus fears" ….
    I see "two brothers that share corny jokes AND coronavirus fears" …..
    But He doesn't edit out His OBVIOUS mistake …..
    And He for some reason thinks He's legit ….. just like CNN is legit …… They ALL LIE …..

  4. Umm, Cuomo was supposed to be in isolation when approached in public.
    BY HIS OWN ACCOUNT of having the Corona virus, he was out spreading the virus as he wasn't isolated a full 2 weeks and then tested twice having negative results on both tests.
    Why should Cuomo be given a pass in ignoring the narrative he sells?

  5. Fox News has essentially done this since its inception. It has held the title of "Faux News" since the 90's. CNN hosts never attacked Fox News prior to 2016, but Fox has always openly attacked CNN since the jump.

    They've rallied behind nutjobs like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin, and then immediately panned them once they were deemed "ineffective". You'll never find a "fake news" insult being hurled at CNN before Donald Trump, but you will find countless insults like this being hurled at Fox News since the late 90's on the earliest YouTube news uploads.

    This just shows that the people were already on to Fox News' shadiness long before it became a popular insult encouraged by right wing propogandists in 2016.

    Fox News is a joke and its listeners are uneducated zombies who buy into nonsense right wing conspiracies – especially the ones peddled by this alleged "progressive" Trojan right here lol.

    YouTube doesn't censor people who spit facts and that's just that. Sorry bro. ?

  6. @12:04 ….. I mean, he's melted down at almost every press conference he's had since he took office. Can you point me to a President who has openly name-called and insulted journalists like a spoiled little bitch everytime he's asked a challenging question?

    He dodges all responsibility and throws hissy fits if he doesn't get perfectly tailored questions that feed his fake "uber accomplished" persona that he likes to project lol.

    He's a poster boy narcissist that doesn't want to be associated with anything if it doesn't involve him looking successful. It's just an honest and painfully obvious assessment of his character lol.

    Tim Poole comes off as a disgruntled reporter who loathes the attention CNN gets for their journalism, and he wears that chip on his shoulder for the world to see in every single one of his videos. Watch any one of his videos and see if he makes a butthurt comment about CNN. The dude is maniacally obsessed with them lmao.

    Give it up bro. Stick to the ALL CAPS thumb nail click bait and keep praying for the Gods of good journalism to shine a merciful light down on you ???….


  7. At the dorms on campus we call CNN the trump TV. According to my dad CNN at first was like ITN and they would talk about the entire globe and what is going on across the globe.
    I disagree with you that they are not truthful. I believe on CNN. FOX news will hide and lie way more than even Russian's news media. I don't like trump and I hope he goes away with one single term.

  8. Late to the party, but was trying to do some more research on this subject and googled "tim pool chris cuomo" and got some interesting results. This video was not on the front page of google searches and at the bottom of the page there was a red "covid alert!".
    Additionally even if you copy paste the entire title of this video into google, no search results show up for on the front page.
    Only when you search the exact title of this video AND set the source to does it show up….as the third result.

    Youtube/google is actively trying to censer this guy. Firstly their algorithm is identifying him as someone spreading "fake news" about coronavirus. Secondly google is either actively, or via the algorithm, obfuscating his channel.

  9. I like that u defend him . He tests positive for his audience. But he doesn't self corintine in real life . Major news anchor that ranted about normal humans responding to new dev . Do you watch his show I don't. Whatch it. Then defend him . No one would. It's like pay me the money to be a (had to erase all the crazy words that ) let's see in the comments. What is the acronym I'm looking for.

  10. FOX, CNN and all other media outlets bashing Trump are actually doing poor job being anti-trump. Do they really think that people want this 24/7 news circus to stop? No. People love this and they'll vote for Trump just to make the show go on.

    Maybe they know this and this is exactly what they are doing when manipulating people to generate traffic.

  11. Yah, I don't trust that worm. He has heard us speaking of the lack of any content on his show and his network as a whole. Little late to show us your false, true self.

  12. CNN MSNBC even the BBC aren't journalists any more there lefty tabloids they complain about trump because it's the only way they get raidings orange man bad is the only thing that keeps them on the air✌️

  13. How do you trust someone who was responsible for the demise of so many people living in care homes, blaming the President, whilst trying to hide the evidence.