CNN Host Issues Warning To Trump Supporters, DEFEND Trump And You’ll Be BLACKLISTED, Lists Are Next

CNN Host Issues Warning To Trump Supporters, DEFEND Trump And You’ll Be BLACKLISTED, Lists Are Next. Jake Tapper says people refusing to accept Trump’s defeat could likely not get hired at jobs in the future.

This is in line with Ocasio Cortez’s recent comments about archiving people’s social media and Democrats plans to start listing Trump’s supporters.

The media is not satisfied with a Trump defeat.

How could they be? The media thrives on the culture war and if Trump is gone what else could they write about to get clicks?

The culture war will only progress even more so under a Biden presidency as Joe Biden and Democrats seek to appease the ultra woke social justice crowd.

Republicans however made strong gains and while they are poised to take possibly 14 house seats the media will continue to spiral out of control as leftists are driven mad by media radicalization.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Democrats need poverty. They need racism. They need classism. They need sexism. They need all the things they pretend to be against because it's the only thing they can use to stay in power. They contribute to causing problems, then offer themselves as the only salvation.

  2. Trump is the first president I've ever seen actually make policies based on what would be good for the people whether they understood it or not. We will likely never see that again.

  3. Remember People, Democrat is the 'fire' and Media is the 'oil', while fire burn anything, added with oil, it will disregard anything and burn everything even… Time to pick up you fire extinguisher people,

  4. Tim can you please remind people how Hillary advised Joe to not concede under any circumstance, because the republicans will try and cheat on absentee ballots… Dems love to telegraph their own moves by accusing their opponents.

  5. This is exactly why I quit watching or listening to them…I barely watch local news that is to see the weather and they can't even get that right most of the time…lol

  6. Just tried to give this site a thumbs up which will not register.

    The left expects us to believe the election results when we can see them obviously not allowing us to even give an online thumbs up.

  7. #1 problem with conservatives?? We are wayyyyyyyy too nice!! Have you witnessed any looting, burning, assaults, massive riots (from the Right) since Joe became President Elect?? The answer is no. We have respect, dignity, tolerance, and an ability to control our emotions. KARMA IS REAL AND God is watching. My Prediction in the coming months? The Dems will start to "eat themselves." As the "far left" clashes with the "moderate left," tensions will run VERY high and chaos will happen!! They're a very evil group of people….God is watching!!!

  8. Obama out all american veterans on a terror watchlist at the advice if his former head of homeland security. Once it leaked to the media the list disappeared, at least that's what homeland said….

  9. Whats with the leftist banner stating that "The AP has called the Presidential race for Joe Biden" I guess the AP should stay up on current events. First of all the AP doesn't call the Presidential race, that takes the election to be certified and the electors to come together and cast their votes. I guess the AP being a communist organization can't pull their collective communist heads out of their asses long enough to recognize all the voter fraud that is being exposed and come to grips with all the law suites that have been filed to challenge the vote totals based on the obvious and proven voter fraud.

  10. Mmmm so if you threaten someones lively hood could you bring a civil RICO action against them . Not overly bright people to extort money for silence or hate .

  11. You can't let the worry or threat of "what will happen if Trump pulls this off" affect you. Yes, it's scary, but we will deal with it when we get there. At least with Trump we will not have our 2A rights taken away. At least with Trump, even if we are put on a list, he will be in a position where he can do something about it.

    And to those talking about making lists of Trump supporters (I'm looking at you AOC), I say come and get me. I invite you personally, AOC, and I will meet you at the door with my arsenal.

  12. GO FIGURE! The ?Corrupt Democrats, ?Communist Tech Companies and the ?Lame Stream Media are JEALOUS and use whatever means to win this election!The SUPPORT for President Trump/ VP Pence is overwhelming, yet Biden/Harris is winning! VOTER FRAUD IS IN THE AIR!! These TYRANT, CORRUPT, LYING DEMOCRATS SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED FOR VOTER FRAUD!!That’s how the Squad got re-elected!!

  13. If you think there was hate for the right before the election just look at what their trying to do now with trying to silence shame and blacklist the right , don't piss off the sleeping tiger .

  14. If Trump DOESN'T win this our Country is in bigger trouble than a victory through the courts. We understand there will be blood if the results flip. We understand the lefties will riot, burn, assault and even kill. As scary as this is, its nowhere near as scary as Democrats determining the winner of our election. Democrats have openly cheated in their primary elections for years. Bernie has been cheated twice by them. If they will cheat their own party, they will definitely cheat the Republicans. Our future is much darker if we allow this type of fraud to go unpunished. If the people can no longer vote to determine our leader, what do you think the next step is? Hint: it's not pretty.

  15. No go on ahead and defend Donald, you are certainly within your right to do so. Meanwhile, he's wasting your donations on frivolous lawsuits that get thrown out because of an extreme lack of evidence and to pay off his campaign debts. How can you not see that he is attacking the very way we democratically elect our leaders, undermining over 200 years of democracy, and for what, his ego? If it was ANY body else, you would be up in arms, but it's Trump, so you help him undermine they VERY thing you have tried to so vehemently defend all your lives. You call yourselves patriots, and I am ashamed to have defended your rights and give up some of mine for 5 years of service, all so you can do this. You are no patriot, you don't give one fuck about this country. You'd rather see it die to an Autocrat than thrive as a Democratically elected Republic.