CNN Is Actually Predicting that GOP Midterm Share is Being Underestimated

I hesitate to be so optimistic about the Dems being punished as severely as this would suggest:

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  1. The only way Republicans can retain their lead is to stop our taxes from funding the fraudulent Corporate Media and to instead pump tax dollars into debate and critique of ideas and ideals instead. Liberals' intent only lasts so long as they control the mechanisms behind closed doors, argue the merits outright and do not let them blatantly lie as they do, no more projection and obfuscation allowed. Hold Democrat intent accountable by public discourse, have them argue the merits of their ideas with Conservatives to hold them accountable in real time, expose the lies immediately with factual data proving virtuous intent frivolous. Remove the "propagandistic fact checkers" and fund people in real time holding cherry picked data and exploitation of knowledge liable in real time, make sure there is no bias to be had for only one side. If Liberals want to push the divisive CRT dogma still, the very thing causing our nation to split into two (as Democrats dream of occurring so they can enact martial law and stop future elections from happening), they can do it, but they cannot do as much with cherry picked and one-sided logic.

  2. They're going to use the truck convoy to claim insurrection to prevent voting or claim Republicans running fo congress were trying take over the government. Look north. Need to stop convoy till after election. Just sit home and don't deliver to the right places

  3. I similarly don't think it's going to be an full blown victory. I'll just be happy to not losing any and gaining a little for populist candidates. Specifically the non socialist ones.

  4. No matter how bad the losses are, they are going to say we predicted worse and the Republicans couldn't 'meet expectations' of a bigger landslide. See we are winning as we lose…..

  5. The polls are just as bad for the globalist and communists across the west. This is the end of the leftist "great reset" bid.
    We could potentially get a golden century again in the west come post midterms.

  6. Never underestimate the Republicans ability to lose a winning situation.
    The Dems openly lie cheated and stole the 2020 election with no consequences. they're going to do it again and again

  7. It's about time I see your subscriber count going up on this platform. You were stuck for a long time because of good ol Susan! Been here since 200k…..been waiting till you hit 500k….now onto a million! Clank!

  8. I would like to see everyone registered as Independent and refuse to participate in “polls”. Then everyone go and vote out ALL incumbents. That would send a serious message to all politicians about WHO THEY WORK FOR.

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