CNN is OUTRAGED That Reporter Was Asked To Change Seats, CNN Has become Truly UNHINGED

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  1. Today(Monday) a Playboy reporter was allowed in by WHPC. DoD and State Department reporters ask far more intelligent questions than the commies placed by the WHPC, the Enemy of the People!

  2. So in short, CNN 'reporter' lies, proves it to be a lie in next sentence, further proves the lie in sentence after and, final sentence shows it was a pointless 'waaaa look at me' ego post.
    Since.. if it was really 'only her', the post would read, 'asked me to move to an EMPTY seat at the back'…. The missing part of the 'only me' part is 'only ME from the elitist and self-important reeeeeee corps.'

  3. In South Korea, and only South Korea, they have 54 cases where they had people who had been tested twice in 24 hours with negative results which they use to confirm someone is "Cured" There have been over a million COVID cases. So maybe five one thousandths of one percent of cases have shown possible reinfection. It is far more likely that they were dealing with either false positives where they assumed COVID when the people had something else or false negatives showing they were "Cured" South Korea, to it's credit, was NOT saying that this was dispositive. If there was not an extreme likelihood that having it caused immunity then there would have been way more cases than 54 by now. It gives, at a minimum, rather strong immunity, at least in the short term. What happens a year from now is anyone's guess.