CNN Is SO DESPERATE… They Are Eating Bugs On Air To Boost Ratings, Newflash: It’s NOT WORKING


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. They believe that every thing they do is right and every one should follow their lead. If they can do it then you can.I wonder how much did she got paid for that if she did.Well it would appear that she is getting paid to do what ever she did. No one should do that unless he or she is getting paid.

  2. Why are they wearing gloves and using tongs when they are going to put the bugs in their mouths? I guess it's like when they wear a mask in their car when they are the only one in the car

  3. Who are these people in their 50s who are dumb enough to watch this shit?!
    Everyone I know who is older are conservative, because, you know..
    Life lessons…

  4. They will have another foney bomb scare,or Cuomo will threaten to jump off top of the building as people stand down in the streets, yelling jump jump.???

  5. Question here, how much views would it take for a network to be credible/well paid for? Cause 600K is solid. But idk

  6. And the other virtue signals is she's got a new asian friend! You didn't see that?!?! Like All Asians eat bugs! Look at us! We use Asians to virtue signal!

  7. Yes, his power does come from us, we don't leave our fate to an elitist establishment class of morons who literally know nothing, we have avatars of the America first movement, the unstoppable tide of grassroots, liberty loving patriots destined to carry the torch of freedom and trample the commie scourge, we don't care about your immutable characteristics, all are welcome to preserve our constitution for generations to come.