CNN Literally BUILDS A WALL Around Its HQ In Fear Of Rioters On Juneteenth

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  1. Let's get back to to work who cares ppl hate me because I have white skin they just dont say it to my face cause they know I will beat there ass who cares get back to work

  2. Get rid of the left wing media and all people of America will prosper and unite. CNN are the dividers. They are the ones that want division. They want hate and violence. One people, one love, one country. We are Americans.

  3. Oh how ironic, CNN is the one pushing the open borders narrative and be inclusive but they wall themselves off from "peaceful protesters".

  4. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose…
    Lets face it. No one would give a rat's ass about slavery or racism, if they had a job, a family and a home to live in. We gotta stop protesting, stop complaining, and get to work.

  5. I always thought Trump was kidding, exaggerating or possibly lying about the fake news. Once I started paying attention, I figured out pretty quickly Trump was right the whole time.

  6. It's weird to me that no one cares about juneteenth until recently…. I've known about it for 2 decades now. People really got to learn American history or they might start ripping down statues or something.
    Idk if you recorded this a few days ago but it's the 19th not the 23rd

  7. Im down for it as a national holiday. Keep the history relevant but dont keep it alive. Because if its alive, we are living in the past.

    Not very progressive if you ask me.

  8. Somebody needs to photoshop that picture of AOC crying at a detention center fence on this CNN pic. It would still be a fake pic but at least she would have something other than a nearly empty parking lot to cry over.

  9. The difference between most mainstream media and commentators like Tim is the the mainstream media rarely takes the time to get a story right and frequently refuses to apologize for their mistakes. Tim and many like him, such as Matt Christiansen and Viva Frei, don't jump onto a story without taking the time to understand what is going on, and always admit to their mistakes, no matter how embarrassing doing so may be to them, which shows great dignity and respect. This is why I rely on them for information.

    Tim's biases often show, but unlike most mainstream reporters/commentators, he never hides them and does his best to keep those biases out of what he reports. His attitude and demeanor give me assurance that what he says is correct and if not, I will be informed of this as soon as he becomes aware of his mistakes. I disagree with many of his views and often approach that which we do agree from different angles, but this only goes to keep me coming to him because he respects my difference of opinion.

  10. You know what? To date, I haven’t seen one report from CNN on the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. To me that is quite telling. You can’t get more fake than CNN.

  11. How dare you say that, it's not Rioters & Looters it's Peaceful protesters. Those barriers are just to keep protesters safe because they're Peaceful & they don't want them to get hurt. LMFIAO