CNN Medical Ethicist: DESTROY Lives Of Unvaxxed Americans | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the comments made on CNN by a top medical ethicist about how to handle unvaccinated Americans in the healthcare system and country at large

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  1. Trader Joe’s was the first place to YELL at me for not having my mask on while I waited in line outside to go in. An employee told me to go somewhere else. It was so uncalled for, the manger apologized to me and gave me a free water and vegan chocolates.

  2. In Kentucky (all data from the Kentucky Public Health website):

    3.17 beds per 100k

    63% of adults fully vaccinated

    From the 1/6/2021 daily covid-19 report:

    72.3% of inpatient beds are occupied (20% by covid patients)

    90.8% of ICU beds are occupied (31% by covid patients)

    People in the hospital right now correspond to positive cases from 2-3 weeks ago.

    Average daily reported cases yesterday (7,249) is nearly 4 times what it was in mid-December.

    Do the math.
    Get every unvaccinated m0r0n out of every hospital and be done with this circus.

  3. the funny-not-funny thing about all this, is that there is no vaccine for covid, and the risk of hospitalization from it is less than 1%, with no intervention whatsoever. remember to remember that, as things get crazier.

  4. The vaccine doesn't work. The vaccinated are spreading the virus. When will everyone admit it. Everyone I know that is sick is vaccinated. The unvaccinated are fine. How about early treatment?

  5. This kind of outrage stuff you guys are doing about masking and the rules around it wont age well. Covid isn't going away anytime soon and you're going to see a lot more lockdowns and mandates of many kinds upcoming. You can't exactly rail against the outrage in the media, and how it makes everyone easy to manipulate by authoritarians in one segment – then in the next supply loads of that outrage about things you know wont change anytime in the next two years. stated simply – YOU EITHER WANT EVERYONE TO FOLLOW MANDATES AND SHARE VACCINES ACROSS THE PLANET SO WE HAVE LESS LOCKDOWN AND MANDATES, OR YOU DONT – BUT THE OUTRAGE OVER MANDATES THAT WILL INCREASE OVER THE NEXT TWO YEARS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID YOU WERE AGAINST IN THE FIRST TWO SEGMENTS. So since mandates and lockdowns are a thing that's going to happen for the next two years – how does the outrage against them do anything except what you are excoriating cnn for? You are doing the same thing as them, becaused it sits well with viewers. You are ENTERTAINING NOT INFORMING about what they should prepare for, and how its necessary for national safety. OF COURSE cnn fox and the rest are taking the short view, i don't expect more from them. I do from you guys. Please consider this deeply. If mandates are a thing we'll have to live with, how does it help getting everyone worked up about them – are we making more wingnuts to be led by authoritarians? or do we want a more informed and civil populace?

  6. I like Krysta,l I really do but she doesn't realize she plays into this blame the unvaccinated narrative.Everytime she touts the effectiveness of the vaccines, she plays into the narrative by assuming that everyone who has not gotten it, is an antivaxx ,conspiracy theorist, crazy person.I myself have not gotten the vaccine.I am not antivaxx.In fact I believe that vaccines are essential and important.They help save lives fighting whatever disease or virus that they are created for.As a child I got all my vaccinations and get a flu shot yearly.I am neither a conspiracy nut.Do I have reservations about this COVID vaccine,yes I do.Do I believe that taking it is going to give me lizard DNA.Of course not.I don't believe in any of those crazy conspiracy theories.My reservations are normal.I have many valid questions.i honestly feel like I'm being ridiculed for just asking basic questions thati would have of any vaccine or medication I would take.I feel pressured to take a vaccine I don't trust as safe.I work for the federal government so it is mandatory.I have applied for a waiver and it's still being processed.I don't have much hope of it being approved because I don't think the federal government has granted any waiver that it has received.They have received many.So if it gets denied which no doubt it will then I will have to make a hard choice.I do not want the vaccine but if I don't get it I will be fired if my waiver is not approved.My boss had directly told the few of us who haven't been vaccinated.So do I get a vaccine I do not trust or lose my job.I have bills to pay and rent so I honestly do not know.I don't want to be a lab rat having an experimental drug on me,which is exactly what it is.This vaccine is still experimental and hasn't been approved by the FDA.So basically it is being tested on a mass scale and we are the test subjects.Most of my coworkers are vaccinated and have told me how horrible their side effects are.Whichis another reason I don't want it I am extremely sensitive to drugs.I have to be careful when taking an aspirin.Even when I get a flu shot I have to have someone go with me cause I get bad side effects.I cannot imagine how I would react to this COVID vaccine that has way worse side effects.Also the vaccine doesn't keep you from getting COVID which I thought was the whole point.When the vaccine first came out that's what the Biden administration kept saying and that's all I heard from establishment media.That if you are vaccinated you can't get COVID.Well that turned out not to be true.People who are vaccinated can get and spread COVID.Now the media refers to those cases as breakthrough cases.The thing is alot of vaccinated people especially with omicron are still getting COVID.Yet the media still keeps referring to them as breakthrough cases.Thats not true because the word breakthrough would mean that it is rare but seeing an increase of vaccinated people getting COVID it is not a rare occurrence anymore.How many more vaccinated people have to get COVID before it's not considered breakthrough anymore.I am so tired of feeling like im being selfish or crazy just because I have valid questions about a vaccine that is being forced upon people.I am tired that anytime anytime any person in the public arena ask these questions like Joe Rogan,they are ridiculed and told that they are crazy.Which makes the rest of us with the same questions crazy.Thatis the tactic being used by the Bide administration,the drug companies,the media,etc cause they don't want people around the world to question anything,they just want us to submit.

  7. Oh this ain't about the science. And even if it was, have you've watched any medication commercial listing the 27 possible side effects, and then the lawsuit ads for heartburn or arthritis meds along with a host of other long standing medications, you see the science isn't always on it.

  8. You only to look at images of Rachel Levine to see why the people who would make these decisions do not in anyway lead the 'healthy' lifestyle the would impose on American citizens to force them to either not be treated or pay exorbitant health insurance prices.

  9. In regards to the restaurant: Its really amusing to watch the agenda dependent flip flop regarding private companies doing what they deem necessary regarding covid policies.

  10. Lets act as a community….I'll condemn them I'll shame them I'll blame them but I want us to act as a community. I think he's got his definition of community mixed up.

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