CNN Paid Leftist Who Stormed The Capitol $35,000, Corporate Media is FUNDING What They Call Terror

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  1. Hah! I’m ahead of you, Tim! Already sent all this info to my mother who does NOT believe me, that Sullivan is one of theirs! She told me to “triple check your information on that” when I first told her about this dude. I just sent her the info and told her to go ahead and triple and even quadruple check, away, if she wants? I sent her the info about this now, too. She’s never going to come out of the shitty lefty spell she’s under?she’s been under it longer than I’ve been alive. Anything from you, she rejects. She calls Tim Pool a “modern day spin doctor”? no! CNN and MSNBC are full to their brims, of modern day spin doctors! Why can’t I save her from this poison??

  2. The country I love and grew up in is gone. What's left for my 10 year old son? A capitol under occupation, lockdowns, mask mandates, His own father being labeled a terrorist, and at risk of re-education by the very government he defended. I spent the last 10 years teaching my son that it was the greatest in the world. This has broken my heart in a way I thought not possible. Lady Liberty where have you gone?

  3. The capitol police requested national guard on January 6 before anything happend because they didn't feel there was enough security. They were probably denied because they wanted the agitators to get in.

  4. Oh no a leftist that actually did the Insurrection and not Trump supporters imagine that but please go on and tell us something but we didn't already know Tim that the media is behind all this and I always have been although that's not place blame where it needs to be at.

  5. You know it's not getting better when a nurse practitioner says were going to have to keep wearing masks even after everyone is vaccinated. Why aren't we still wearing iron lungs?

  6. We are at War. Wake up. Smh
    World war 3
    The war for your mind. And for America. The democrats and most republicans sold out America. Easy to see at this point

  7. ° CNN is a functioning arm of the CIA.
    ° This is traditionally what they do in other countries in order to install puppet regimes.
    ° Likewise its just how they installed the current US puppet regime, with demented, geriatric Joe at the helm of the United States of America.
    ° Joe is quickly but quietly signing away all Americans rights and
    freedoms as dictated by his handlers.
    ° Then all America with its people gets sold to the big globalists.
    ° Then finally after performing all the nasty treasonous traitorous deals and deeds, he'll drop dead, so taking each and every one of those legal liabilities with him to the grave.
    ° Magically
    ° A very neat plan for whoever the controllers are.
    ° OLD JOE is just there to patch, and polish the country up , so as to get it looking attractive for its prospective new owners.

  8. I wonder if this could be pursued legally. They are the financial interest of an insurrectionist. They cannot just say they denounce his actions. They WILLINGLY bought his footage and endorsed his behavior!

  9. Tim seriously open your mind. Go to DC. And see it dark at night. Its all an act. The tunnels are being gone threw by the guard. Finding people that have been under ground for 30 years. These so call leaders in the big house are fucking sick. I bet Trump only left because all the evil thats under it

  10. Why aren't we talking about how the establishment really is falling apart? Did donald trump really lose? Did he really not drain the swamp like he said he was going to? Stay tuned