CNN Panel Has NO RESPONSE To Guest Who Complete DESTROYS Biden’s Presidency


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  1. Sky news UK and sky news AU are not similar and sky news UK dosent drill in to Biden every night. Think of sky news UK kinda like CNN.

    We have GB News which is right wing. BBC lean left even know they are legally required to be neutral, Sky News UK which is left wing and I think Channel 4 news is crazy lefty coo coo land.

  2. But, President Trump pulled that off with the entire Leftist mainstream pushing manufactured, vitriolic propaganda 24/7/365. I don't just mean the "News Organizations." EVERY SINGLE outlet they have right down to kid's shows and "PSAs." If they had covered 1% of the truth about Joe & Co. he would never have made it to the ballot much less had a chance to fake any votes.

  3. The Democrats have never underestimated the stupidity of the American voter…so knowing that only 26 % approve of Biden must mean something to them. …like we have to get out our message ? LOL

  4. >People generally support the Ukraine
    where did you get this idea from? only idiots support the Ukraine, and real people do not support Nazi government that has baby making factories that are sold to people in foreign nations.

  5. This whole thing is a set- up…Biden has nothing to do with this whole thing…The Deep State is in Control, never forget that. Are you awake yet…c'mon man.

  6. It's so sad that when president trump was in office the media made him the villain and gave him low ratings as he was doing pretty good . Oh Biden is the villain and hes doing horrible but the media is keeping them wrapped up until now So I think the media is the villain and they should be held accountable

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