CNN posts Fake News About Elon Musk, Musk Shows Up PROVES Its Fake News, Bring Receipts

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  1. Yes I agree with you, CNN has become the modern tabloid source… pure trash… too bad it is not a physical newspaper so we could at least use it as a TP substitute.

  2. CNN is trash, straight up, pure and simple, garbage. They are liars and dont even care if they get called out and proven as liars, and why would they? they have the backing of Google, Facebook and the others in the MSM who all protect each other and watch each others backs. In the end they need to be filed in the garbage bin of history…

  3. Just a comment, Tim. In science, what you called “just a theory”, is called a “hypothesis”. What you called “fact”, is called a “theory”.

  4. The CRAZIEST thing to come out of all of this is that Jackie Wattles (CNN business Journalist) is involved in a dog fighting ring. Ive seen people reporting it all over twitter. When they reached out to her about it she refused to respond.

  5. "Head of strategic communications"?

    So….in laymans terms, roughly translates as "Head of manipulation of all incoming and outgoing statments"

    "Strategic" implies…..literally…that communications require something more than clear and unbiased transmission to the receiving party.

    I mean….am I not translating the job title correctly?

    Head of communications.
    Head of strategic communications.

    The difference is quite obvious.

  6. glad for the clip, but would have a little more credibility if he dropped the gansta hat. jumping around a lot not staying focused, content good but too long get to the point lost me after 7min which is where all pertinent points should be made

  7. Would be really hilarious if Musk bought a large enough portion of CNN stocks that he would have the power to throw a serious wrench in the CNN-machinery .. if he wanted to…