CNN Producer Arrested By FBI For Preying On Children, Worked Alongside Cuomo, CNN Scandals Get WORSE

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  1. Petafiles and child molesters in most prisons are kept in a separate area because because to the others they are the low of the lowest scum in the prison. Should someone kill a Child Molester in a prison well he becomes a hero

  2. A lot of people do not know that there is parents who pimp their own kids for money. There is not a secret sex trafficking cabal because its not a secret!!! The only thing stopping people from believing it are the gaslighters doing it.

  3. I like the Timcast channel. Over 2,000 conservative channels have been disabled since 2016. 100's of Thousands of users have had their Accounts disabled, they even Banned the president of the United States of America. I wish everyone move over to Rumble or Bitchute today, I would go in a second .

  4. He's a Democrat, what else can you expect from him?
    Democrats still idolize Roman Polanski, who drugged a minor so he could have s@x with her.
    What about Woody Allen, Bill Clinton, Che Guevara. The hundreds of teachers caught having sex with minors.
    This is why Democrats want consensual age reduced to 12 so they can do what's ideologically natural to them and not go to jail. No jail bait, no jail time.

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