CNN Producer INDICTED For Child Sex Grooming, Media Ignores |Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar deliver the gruesome details of the indictment of a CNN producer for child sex crimes as the mainstream media downplays the issue of child sex trafficking

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  1. CNN is loaded with high dollar elites ~ they are so full of themselves and their fame ( Lemon, Cuomo's~ Andrew and Chris and everyone there) they are the self absorbed and derelict…. its viral ~ the elites on the LEFT in this example… but its all human beings. The wealthy is the common denominator.

  2. Almost couldn't listen to the first part. Disgusting, nauseating and revolting. We all know these creeps are out there but a parent delivering their children is beyond comprehension.

  3. NY Post? that is not a credible source even when it is accurate… Sagaar you are becoming a desperate bottom feeder, pandering to sleeze.
    NYP panders to the right with conspiracy theories. Keep this up and I will change my mind about supporting you.

  4. I wonder sometimes if the liberal epidemic is a case of wanting to not have to look at the bad things in this world. Not wanting to face them, wanting to be able to forget about them. So much about the nothing they stand for, and the lies they forgive and ignore just screams it. Seemingly good people who just can't be bothered, just want to ignore and pretend. This is just another case of that, they are OK with bad behind the curtain, only the in your face ugly like Trump and his shitty on display thoughts really bothered them. Liberals being even worse but just not being open about it? Totally cool. I find no difference economically between the liberals and conservatives really, it's simply different framing and perspective of the same shitty policies and results. But liberals being in control, and their people falling asleep and letting the evil in our world thrive in the background is a much scarier and damaging problem than anything I can think of. And I'm scared shitless of old morons with nukes and climate change.

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if this is part of the reason Cuomo was fired by the new CEO of the company that owns CNN now. I can't remember what the newly merged Discovery/Warner Media company is called. Anyway. They need to clean out every one that worked with this dude. I thought CNN was having a rough time when they picked a fight with Joe Rogan but nope they just had to have a hold my beer moment.

  6. Saagar doesn't want to implicated Jobs' conduct? I'll do it then – there is NO WAY, ZERO % CHANCE, you could hang out with Ghislaine Maxwell for more than 1 hour and not realize she is a demented freak. Epstein and Ghislaine were absolutely NOTORIOUS for CONSTANTLY bringing up bizarre sexualized blather.

  7. The whole house of cards is tied into this trial: the Clintons, Trump, Prince Andrew, George Stephanopoulos, et cetera. You bet your ass they want to you to shut up about it. Decades of the rich and powerful's dirty laundry on full display. She'll walk too. Probably do some min security time just create some space. And then it will just fade into the distance. Just remember folks, the media that wants you to ignore this trial is the same media that force fed you lies about rittenhouse to keep you at each others throats. But w/e. Jesus is King.

  8. I’ve come to realize the media ignores it because higher-ups are guilty of this behavior too. Consolidation from 55 media outlets in ‘84 to 4 today; control the secrets of the powerful, and cauterize stories before they get too large. Because if they excoriate Griffin and it comes out they TOO were in on it…there’s no saving. But if they bury it, dangle another “Trump” story as a distraction pacifier, they hope we’ll look away.

  9. Follow the trail and their is probably more pedophiles there. They all hang out together. Justice will be a slap on the wrist. Politicians, Celebrities, etc….. Hollywood is full of pedophiles.

  10. "QAnon said it, so it's bogus." Sorry, but this deserves our full attention. I have worked to stop child sex trafficking for over forty years. The victims come from all fifty states, most countries and definitely involve ALL strata of society.

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