CNN Publishes Story Proving Trump RIGHT About COVID Treatment, Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Lethal

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  1. Tim. Masks can cause hypoxia & interfere with your immune system. We know this from study of long-term mask wearing of medical professionals.

  2. Exactly right, Tim. How many patients needlessly deteriorated b/c of profit-motive/ politics? People must be held accountable.

    It has never been so apparent how little the welfare of individuals mean to those in media/bureaucracy.

  3. Wow. The more Timmy makes videos regarding the pandemic, the dumber he gets. This video is complete garbage.

    Tim Fool keeps on losing his credibility day after day.

  4. A drug thats been around for years, combats the deadliest infectious disease on the planet, and is approved by almost all nations is suddenly bad because orange man bad and two idiots drank fish cleaner.

  5. These Governors are not freaked out about these media stories. My Governor Whitmer knows exactly what she's doing. She is punishing the state for voting for Trump, and trying to stop her from destroying the economy. She wants to close Line 5 a pipeline under the Mackinac Straits that in more than 40 years and at least 2 accidents has never leaked. She has managed to shut down construction of a tunnel beneath the Straits that would provide easy inspection and containment in the event of a breach. She's a Left Wing Fascist.

  6. AHHH they secretly updated the title…"Study finds hydroxychloroquine may have boosted survival, but other researchers have doubts"

  7. I live in the UK and they are starting to refer to people that dont want to wear masks as "mask deniers" theres definitely a political notion behind the masks

  8. I'm pretty sure it's a mind control technique. Being able to dictate reality and people follow along with contradictions even if it logically makes no sense but fits the needs of the hive mind objective

  9. I was at conference and talking to ground level docs around the world that were saying hydroxychlorquine was being used with a near 100% success rate – back in late January.

  10. Who in master control let this story out? This story is not in their "style guide"; after all, it doesn't say Trump is sitting on top of the White House with a machine gun…

  11. Except that it killed a lot of people because it was given to the wrong types of people. It only works on certain cases and it's more beneficial not to kill extra people trying to figure out who it works on. It's safer to do clinical trials before telling to world to take something. You guys are morons. Have fun being braindead lol

  12. I’ve been taking Hydroxychloriquin for ten years for Lupus with no side effects. You need to take Hydroxychloriquin with zinc in order for it to interfere with viral replication. I am a nurse and want to explain why need to wear cotton masks even though the virus can go through because it is smaller. The virus is in the water droplets that are bigger than the holes in the mask and much of the virus gets stuck on the mask with the droplets which keeps the amount of the virus going to infect others reduced. A smaller initial viral load tends to lead to better outcomes. When the initial viral innocuous is small the immune system has more time to mount a targeted antibody attack before it overcomes and overwhelms the person. Wearing the mask protects other people that are sick and don’t know it.

  13. Hydroxychloroquine is a prescription drug. It has been and it will. Simple.
    It's not as safe as what Trump says, and it's not as dangerous as some media suggests.
    Again, let your doctor decides weighing pros and cons based on your individual condition.
    However, it's wrong to have any non-medical professional to publicly announce anything regarding a prescription drug whether you ended up right or wrong.

  14. I largely agree with you, Tim, but I have to disagree about the masks. The constant change in stance but the “experts” in itself is more than enough reason to question the narrative. Fauci himself said there was no benefit, the WHO has said there’s no benefit, and the New England Journal of Medicine has said the same thing! This proves there’s something else going on. It’s submission and division at its best. While we are divided, there are lots of things happening that aren’t being reported: Hillary loses her appeals, pedophiles are about to be exposed which will destroy American politics and Hollywood, the CIA finally admits that they possess extraterrestrial vehicles, etc. The social distancing and quarantines are separating and disconnecting us even further to reduce the likelihood that we will stand together and defend our freedoms that are slowly being stripped away.