CNN Says Independent Research Is MISINFO, Media Discourages Critical Thinking

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join friend and editor of Human Events Will Chamberlain to mock CNN’s theory that doing independent research makes people more likely to believe misinformation.

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Guest: Will Chamberlain
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  1. CNN does this type of crap because their audience is too lazy/dumb to actually research the truth, and will accept their reporting. 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑
    They can't have the sheep waking up to their leftard bullshit!!!

  2. Anyone that looks at Brian Stelter and thinks, "Yeah, I'll believe this guy!" deservers the lies they get. All of the MSM "misinformation" rhetoric so reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain", scene….I just can't fathom those that still believe their crap.

  3. No, please don’t educate yourself. Just listen to what you’re told and believe that the system will never lie to you or miss lead you in anyway! Do you know it’s scary?! There are people listening!

  4. The reason people fall for it is because most people are lazy and do not want to do the work of critical thinking. Following someone else's position is easier and more comforting because not only did you not have to do the work, you now have followers in the same camp!

  5. Last week I was informed that my Doctor had gone on holiday for the week. Nothing unusual about that, except I know people who said their Doc was unavailable as well. When I went to see him last week – He pressured me quite aggressively to get the Vax. I refused, and he raised his voice and cussed and told me not to listen to the news but only to him. There must have been a fascist training week, next Appt. I will record the convo

  6. They do not need to shut down the channel through technology.

    They have tools to make people sick and feeble which was developed for military application in 2008. It is not a biological weapon and can be used like a rifle. It has been less effectively been used against our embassies. It is crucial in hypersonic air to air combat, but can be tuned down for use in spycraft and espionage.

  7. I hope you and others get your technology up and running properly before it's too late. And by too late, I mean the point where the major ISPs go woke and start to block entire websites that they don't like. At that point, there needs to be a coalition of websites that get together and have to start their own ISP just so people can get to their websites.

    The internet was supposed to be free, but it undermined the powerful people pulling the strings, so now those people have come to control the internet, as well. The struggle for freedom continues….

  8. No, no! no, no!
    No own research!
    Own research is fake news!
    Just listen to dog killers!

    Hey. I get it. Many people are stupid or unable to do own research properly. That's why we have ridiculous conspiracy theories like flat earth. People will hang onto false information, get biases involved and end up with shitty ideas.

    But this is where media brought us. We now have to do our own research and think critically because you just can't trust media. They lie all the time about everything.

    In an utopian society you wouldn't have to do your own research, cause media would be honest. That would lead to less conspiracy theories and missinformation.
    It's probably how religions came to be anyway. To just tell people how to behave to make society better (do not kill, do not steal, do not leave your wife and kids, do not think about this stuff just comply and don't even think about other religions). But as we saw with a religion. When you make system like this, even if with good intentions, people will take advantage of it, corrupting it and that will lead to people not trusting it anymore. And in some (with weaker minded individuals) instances lack of religion leads to immorality.

    Corruption of media now creates similar problem. People are starting to distrust traditional media and are either doing their own research or not doing any at all. And in some cases this will lead to people having wrong information for sure. But they have wrong information from media's as well so… No loss

  9. It's like all those times in the superhero movies, Lethal Weapon, etc, when the villain gets overconfident. They think they got it so good that they can just say whatever, and never have to pay for their arrogance. Let the red-pilling of the masses begin.

  10. How can anybody take these people seriously.
    somebody says don’t listen to them or anybody else only listen to me because I’m telling you the truth should be a massive 🚩.

  11. Of course they do its putting them out of business and the population is increasingly becoming more aware of propaganda and other lies that they are being told, that almost are never true. Its like believing a law does something but you have never read the law another's words until you read it, you don't really know what that law says. And even then they write it in a different language so that unless you research or are a part of their wealthy classes you still wouldn't know exactly what it means. lol if their was no independent research they would still be saying they stole this land because we were savages, and the atrocities that they or others have committed would not be known it would be like russia and china rather than the united states.

  12. In my family any one who got Covid never had to go to the hospital, my brother -in-law who got the vaccines is in the hospital for the second time with heart problems

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