CNN Scaremongers Omicron BA.5 Calling It “Worst Variant Ever”

CNN ran a story describing Omicron BA.5 as the “worst variant ever.” Did they mean that this variant is causing more suffering, greater hospitalization rates and killing more people? No. They meant that BA.5 is the most contagious strain of COVID so far, but the story failed to mention until many paragraphs in that individuals testing positive typically experience only mild symptoms, and that hospitalizations and deaths are NOT increasing as a result.

Jimmy and show producer Malcolm Fleschner discuss their experiences with catching COVID recently, and the ongoing fearmongering from CNN and other mainstream outlets.

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  1. These guys are TOTAL ASSHOLES I had Delta. I'm 53 a retired pro bodybuilder with SEVERE Asthma since I was born. I work out ever day my whole family wife and 2 kids 5 & 9 got sick over Thanksgiving. They were sick for 2 days . I'm fine we are all fine ,and these douchebags right along with Don Lemon can suck it

  2. Actually, what this means is that they released a new engineered variant that is more contagious because not enough people got it in 20/21. Ive been say they will double down on the lies,not reverse course. They have invested way too much time,money,planning in the Great Reset!

  3. This sounds like a commercial for the vaccine. It’s so easy to see. The guy isn’t a very good salesman either. They can tell you that the vaccine will keep you from severe illness because very few people will get severe illness

  4. Before virologists were too scared to talk, some predicted more transmissible but less deadly variants because the point of infection and evolution is to reproduce virus, not kill people. IOW, this is probably good news. But be terrified and wait for instructions.🙄

  5. Seriously Jimmy! Go to his house..your vaxed..extremely protected! 😂😂😂
    3yrs later..& your neighbors are not dead!
    Vote 3rd party!
    As he is a nazi..Dr death is more appropriate!
    What I would love to know is how the same testing kits…can determine the different viral strains 🤣😜🤣

  6. I wonder what the absolute tolerance is for humans. We are talking a fit average aged human. How many doses before you can actually 100 percent DIE from the nth shot? And we aren't talking lots with placebo. The real clown juice. The full strength formula. I bet it's 5. And this is where the clown show gets extra amazing and entertaining. Do you think after 5 shots people might start to realize they have been duped? Oh…is that the ice cream truck outside? NO. That's the local mobile van giving out free jabs. 🤡

  7. This is the most corrupt shit in the history of the world. They are never, ever going to let this virus go, big pharma and gov't will keep this fear mongering around forever, so they can keep going with these vaccines taht don't need any of the expensive testing, and development they usually need, hell, pfizer just faked half their trial data with made up participants, and nobody cares. In fact, pfizer is still getting the fast pass approval for emergency use authorization, and once they're through, the democrats in gov't are pre-ordering millions upon millions of whatever garbage they're offering. Doesn't matter if it works, the data doesn't matter as we see with the approval for pumping infants full of this garbage….. Our world is deeply, deeply ill, like, to the extent future civilizations will talk about this period, during/right before our collapse, and they will say "What the fuck was wrong with them"

  8. Topol is not incorrect in some of what he writes…. its just he fails to stress the good news and instead stresses the negatives. Yes, as a matter of fact Ba.5 is likely to cause hospitalizations to rise….but that is not because of the subvariant's lethality but because of its mere transmissibility. Ba.5 could likely end up infecting more people than delta and the original virus strain combined. It is many times more contagious than Delta and has the benefit of some level of prior immunity escape. BUT! But it is also many times less lethal as a pathogen delta or alpha.
    This is a numbers game. If you have one virus that will infect 100 people with a kill rate of 10% and another that will infect 5000 with a kill rate 1%, then more people will die from virus 2 (Fifty) than virus 1 (ten) based solely on its infection rate. But most people would prefer to get virus two and the broadening of natural immunity it bestows, rather than the more deadly form. Furthermore, something else Topol doesn't want to tell you is that many virologist theorize that the omicron branch of SARS-COVI-2 likely found new life and became highly favored due to its evasion of vaccine induced immune response. In other words, omicron was likely a dead end variant that suddenly became highly favored by the fact that 100's of millions of people were inoculated with a leaky vaccine!

  9. I work for a wealthy Boomer who is scared out of his wits about COVID. I will admit that if anyone has reason for concern, it would be someone like him and even more so his wife. They are both in their mid 70's and she is morbidly obese. They are very much "up-to-date" on their jabs (vaxxed and double boosted). But what kills me is that the man insist that everyone else also be vaxxed and boosted, and I do mean EVERYONE! He was in full favor of mandates and told me the vaccinated have a right to be angry with the unvaccinated.
    We have had a bit of a falling out. He assumed I was vaxxed simply because he likes me and considers me "highly intelligent". He never asked me, he simply assumed and I let him keep his happy assumption. But a couple of months ago I had to speak up. I explained to him that these drugs have a very nasty adverse profile and that young healthy people have little to fear from a COVID infection. I made clear that if the inoculation was a good idea for anyone, it would be for people like him and his wife – elderly, in less than good health with comorbidities.
    Now here's the crazy part… He didn't care one bit that young healthy people are more at risk from the vax than they are from COVID, he still thought EVERYONE should get it. WHY? Well, because it will help people like him (or so he thinks). In other words, it is complete boomer selfishness. He is at higher risk of disease and death from COVID, therefore everyone else should do all they can to protect him and his wife, even at the risk of their own health… in his words, "It is the unselfish thing to do."
    Can you believe that shit!?! This old boomer is so selfish himself that he wants to force everyone (including children) to take the vax and then claims that not doing so is selfish!!!! And all that while being fully aware that young healthy people have a negative cost/benefit ratio when it comes to the shots!! INSANE!

  10. The problem with the perspective of their conversation, in part is as you state, Jim; but, they are not talking TO the general public, they are espousing the elite/ leftist / pharmaceutical perspective, which they are paid to present,.. it's a commercial,.. "Are you buying this?".. [Cause we got b.s. to sell,..]*

  11. So what you're saying is that the lost Ukraine war already isn't the current thing to support anymore? Dang, got to get my covithemed decorations out again I guess. **sighhh**

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