CNN SLAMS Nancy Pelosi Over Refusing Stimulus Deal, Pelosi EXPLODES In A Rage

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  1. Do not worry Blitzer is still a globalist and bought and paid for by the CCP. Why are they going after Pelosi? Not sure, but it seems like they want her removed from office. I say only one universal tax amount for corporation and no income tax. I do know that the immunity from 230 is over as of Oct. 15th and the tech companies can now be sued. The ability to have an income tax actually ended in around 1953. They just kept it up. It was only supposed to be voluntary for income. Then it was temporary for the depression. Then it was extended for WW2. Then it was extended until 1953 to recover form the war. It is unnecessary and why is it located in Puerto Rico? Interesting?

  2. can we just do away with the goddamn political parties already. even in times of peace, we're always internally fighting because ppl blindly push through things they dont agree with just because their political party says to. it's a fucking joke.

  3. Pelosi only cares about winning, even when millions of Americans are facing the very real possibility of homelessness. How about us? The American people? The people who seem to lack brain cells and keep bringing this career politician back? What about our winning as we struggle to figure out whether to buy groceries or wonder if our job will be around the next day (The lucky few who have them). VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT! They don't care about us, they only care about themselves and their personal squabbles.

  4. What has Pelosi ever done that Tim could defend!? That’s not hyperbole either. The woman has only ever pushed for the most antagonistic policies.

    It’s a terrible thing to say, but she is one of three people who I will actually feel joy on news of their passing- I know! My karma’s taking a hit there, but I truly believe this country could have come together and saved more lives had Pelosi and her idiot brigade not constantly harass the sitting POTUS.

    Also, when the virus first got serious, you could literally see it on her face, the excitement at the idea of people actually dying and when they started, she couldn’t hide her glee as she immediately blamed Trump. I despise Nancy Pelosi.

  5. People complain those democrat women look creepy with their misplaced overacted smiles… its like Nancy was like "hold my beer" and made it so much worse somehow.

  6. Pelosi is unhinged. I remember watching her barrel sweep congress with an AK when she was advocating the "assault" weapons ban with her finger on the trigger. Total nutjob.

  7. How about no more loop holes. National sales tax on all goods and services. Lower sales tax on homes and utilities. Naturally the more you make the more you spend. This tax model has worked well in states with the best economies. Tennessee is a great example and over half it’s GDP comes from agriculture. Not to mention how well they’ve managed their fiscal liabilities, seeming to always have a surplus year to year.

  8. Excuse me. First everyone should be back at work and not asking for free money. That's not because of republicans. Second, Trump tried to give us something.. democrats wanted to give their cities something not their people living in those cities. And what is $1200 gonna do? At this point it's just a political tool democrats are trying to use to get more money for their already failed cities that were failing before covid. It's not about us to be honest to pelosi and all democrats.

  9. Tim just admitted to donating to the campaign of someone in a different district, in a different state. That sort of thing is a big part of our current problems.

  10. Nancy "we can't know whats in the omnibus bill until we pass the omnibus bill and read it" Pelosi implies she knows some complicated particulars about the legislation, but she also sure fails to mention ANYTHING specifically that the deal is lacking she cannot accept without. She wants funding for cities where democrats started riots and for the kennedy arts center. Republicans 'garbage bill' goes to families and businesses. if you give nothing to businesses, they shut down and the chain of supply is broken and people will suffer immeasurably.