CNN “SOUNDS THE ALARM” Warning Democrats WILL LOSE In 2022 & 2024!! Total PANIC Sets IN!


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  1. One guy on YT name Let's Election said, " Democrats up by 8 points for 2022 midterm elections. Also he said, " They will still be in power in 2022 by 8 points. I had seen this before in California for recalled Gavin Newsom aka Nacy Pelosi's nephew, they called Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders they didn't moved the needle but, they called President Obama for helped for kept Gavin Newsom in the Governor seat from Larry Elder for the California Governor race on Sept. 14, 2021. The Democrats using the Trump card up for the California Governor race but, not in the Midterm race in 2022. I'm using a quotes in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime " If you lose the duel you lose your soul ".

  2. For all the (they'll just cheat again, they can't lose) ppl, do you really think we will put up with that shit again? Especially when it would be even more apparant this time round, no there's there's reason Voter I.D had been put into place all over the country…. so stop being worry warts.

  3. I admire your optimism but if we don’t fix 2020 there is no more elections just selections. If you are unwilling to piss off youtube and talk about the voter Fraud then stop doing these we are winning videos

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