CNN sued: Repairman who exposed the Hunter Biden laptop scandal to launch legal action

The Delaware computer repairman who exposed Hunter Biden’s laptop has filed a multimillion-dollar defamation suit against Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, CNN, the Daily Beast and Politico.

John Paul Mac Isaac is arguing he has been smeared in the media for peddling Russian disinformation just prior to the 2020 election.

The 44-year-old Delaware man shot to prominence after he found compromising material on a laptop left at his shop by Hunter Biden in April, 2019.

Mr Mac Isaac handed over a copy of the laptop’s hard drive to the FBI in December 2019, after he discovered potentially dubious business deals conducted by members of the Biden family.


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  1. Every single person that covered this up or claimed Russian disinformation needs to be executed! They too are responsible for this country being flushed down the crapper!

  2. What right winged media machine? All msm is left owned. Finally we have Truth Social that can connect to the world. Glad this computer repairmen got his life altered because of all the lies.

  3. I hope you win your lawsuit against the worst news network ever and receive a public apology!! Clearly the greaTEST CRIMINAL IS Hunter for ever serving on an overseas oil board with zero qualifications and getting 50-80 thousand in pay offs, guess daddy firing the investigator bode well for the Biden family. So sorry sir that you are being treated as a criminal when the true criminal is still at it!

  4. How can he ever sleep soundly at night with ghost souls looming in his vicinity? And they are slamming hard onto the drug kingpins for killing thousands/millions of citizens when they themselves sought to kill or had already killed millions of poor people around the world, and destroyed their countries almost completely?

  5. Finally, should take those demoncraps down. They all belong in jail for the plandemic, forced jabbbbbbbbzzzzz , censorship, the Ukraine crisis, Syria etc. Criminals.

  6. Lol, smear comes from Russia! Best joke ever, lmfao! Search for a video named: Joe Biden bragging about. Im my country, that is black mailing a foreign govermemt

  7. Lol America has a pedophile president who has a active pedophile son. To make matters worse then you have a whore as a pretend vice president. Whore? Yes she has laid more pipe then Wabashaw plumping. She got to where she is on the top of a mahogany office desk. Enjoy getting up yours America. Enjoy!

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