CNN Threatens Project Veritas With Criminal Legal Action After O’Keefe LEAKS CNN Morning Phone Calls

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Tim, the main stream media are the modern day equivalent of the false prophets of Baal from the old testament. They exist only to support/ influence the ruling class false narratives, suppress truth and belittle Godly principals for money.

  2. At this point, who gives a fuck if he broke the law? The entirety of the left are completely immune to the law so why the fuck would we care about the law when going after them?

  3. PV has been in court alot, both sueing and getting sued. AFAIK they won every single time. and not because they pay 50 of the most expensive lawyers in the us. but because so far they have just been in the right every single time. i think its safe to say cnn wont get any substantial win from this. at best they can frame the story in way way that makes it sound like they won when they didnt.

  4. At least my gripe with Ghost in the Shell was the story. It felt like another Dragonball Evolution. They mashed a lot of things from the anime series and the original movie together in the facade of a live action of the original movie, to me it was just a bunch of garbage that was painted gold.

  5. Multiparty consent is stupid. You're telling me that if I record a terrorist plot in a state with multiparty consent I could get in trouble because I didn't ask the terrorists if it was cool?
    Yet more laws we have to change.

  6. He rented a yacht from a different country (important for legal reasons), sailed it to international waters then pressed call forward. World governments do this nifty trick all the time. If he has 2 months of recordings then he definitely has the legality part covered. I would love to know how much cash they are offering him to destroy the audio…. ??

  7. Tim… Talking about the law as it works in his head. As much as I love it for entertainment it's also hilarious because of how insane it sounds.

  8. I think O'Keefe's legal claim to recording is that CNN likely records the calls, too. So if everyone knows they're being recorded, does it matter if an unauthorized participant gets his hands on a copy?