CNN Tries to Start a “Coronavirus Party” Moral Panic

A few teens in Tuscaloosa who may not even exist, extrapolated to a major trend:

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#Coronavirus #Moralpanic


  1. In the late 60s supposedly the song Mello Yellow was about smoking banana peels to get high and everyone was trying it lol.up to 2015 I had never met anyone who did and when he was telling me about it he admitted he couldn't believe he bought into that(ps nope it doesn't work he promised)

  2. You obviously don't know anything about college football. Tuscaloosa is home to the University of Alabama and the Crimson Tide. Yea, we are a small town and like it that way. I don't know if the coronavirus party report is true or not (shame on those kids if it is true), but I agree with you that CNN has made a big deal over nothing. CNN lies.

  3. Doubt and story about any wild craze to do with teenagers.

    If you listened to kids when I was growing up apparently we were all having orgies and on dangerous drugs and in secret clubs and cults of various kinds.

    But as a kid that really was doing all these things (eventually over time, not all in one week) fuck no, nobody was doing this shit everyone was saying.

    That's the thing to one does and gossips never expect while they're running their mouths.

    If you make it a point to seek out all the scandalous things, to join the evil people, you will find a sad situation like Winston Smith visiting the prostitute in 1984.

    Even when you get to the big city, even if you go to several big cities, the streets, the cracks houses and prisons are actually filled with boring fuck ups who are just "bad Christians" and the people who say they're anachists and satanists are like mid 60s London middle aged swingers or D & D nerds.

    They aren't generally the things they fantasize about.

    I'm still trying to find these hidden things and I've just found people.

    Some do a more convincing job than others, but those are just more talented or obsessed people.

    I love all those movies about cults and street crime and sleazy things, but the reality is just sad and boring.

    You'd be better off just working towards being a filmmaker and making your own sleazy movies because you pretty well do have to make it up.

    Unless youre just that sheltered and naive and think because you're seeing the trappings of these things that you are seeing the things you imagined you'd see.

    More than half of the wildest things I've seen and done weren't that wild in retrospect.

    I mean, we had good times, but at the end of the day we could have been playing bridge drinking Tom collins' as far as it mattered.

    Ghost stories are fun, but they're just that, fun.

  4. I have family out of Danville and St. Johnsbury. I think Maple syrup is far superior to Aunt Jemima. It's not even comparable really. Also people should try Maple Leaf candies. Great stuff.

    As an aside, Halloween of 1989 my mom dressed up as Aunt Jemima. It was pretty cool in hindsight that people just laughed instead of freaked out over the blackface thing.

  5. Hey Styxx….I lived in Tuscaloosa for years. That's where the greatest College Football team in the country resides. Roll Tide.

  6. This is pure bullshit. We employee many 18 to 30 year olds and you mention covid to them and they panic. They are terrified by it.