CNN Video Leak Catches AOC Is MASSIVE LIE, CNN Complicit In AOC Lying About Jan 6th

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  1. I think most people that are still saying she wasn't in the capitol are just trying to underscore how little danger she was actually in despite the hysterics

  2. Tim, why don't you have the brief video of the demonstrators (it wasn't a riot yet) shouting no to two men dressed in black breaking a window to the capitol building while the crowd is shouting "no, don't do it, don't break the window, no anti-fa". It was shown on one of the videos (about the Revolver article) made by Lotus Eaters from the UK. It clearly shows that the heart of at least that part of the crowd was not into breaking into the capitol building. Someone from the crowd even tried to stop the people trying to break in but was pushed away. Who were those people? Were they from some ultra right wing party or were they agent provocateurs from the left, possibly even FBI operatives. Although I think they are killing their arguments through their vicious zeal, the riot really gave the Dems a lot ammunition to the point that considering the various other fibs I've been hearing for the past 3 years I see it as possible. Try to find that 20 min video from the Podcast of the Lotus Eaters – I saw it on June 18th and you might have done a story on the subject as well. I have no idea where they go the video.

  3. What do you expect from America's Drama Queen? She could win an Oscar for her numerous drama episodes. Maybe she should go to Hollywood and try acting.

  4. The time line is UNBELIEVABLE. And VERY important. !!!
    Look at when the rioters started to break in, Trump hadn't even spoke yet.
    Hours before they had the bomb scare, and never called the national guard. This time line is crazy. AOC is looking for sympathy. NO ONE saw this coming from Trump supporters.

  5. Completely lying or making the story up are not the only possible scenarios. She has a cell phone and an email and, if you wanna go down the rabbit hole, is a nazicrat so she'd be privy to the plot to orchestrate. Maybe she's just dumb and started her job early

  6. It's always the ugliest SJW liberals that worries that everyone wants to sexually assault them. It's like a sick fantasy wish for Democrat feminists

  7. It does not matter if AOC said she was or was not in the Capitol during the Jan 6 riot. What matters is the lies she said to paint all the people on the other side as rapists and horrible people. AOC lies. Every Democrat politician lies. Most Republican politicians lie.

    The Democrats are despicable. They lie so the people do not get the truth, and the US media lie to protect the Democrats.

    Jan 6 was not an insurrection. But the 6 months of BLM violent riots, combined with the 6 months of Antifa violent riots, was an insurrection. The only difference is the political establishment, the Democrat party, supports Antifa and BLM so they drop all charges. And everyone who rioted on Jan 6 gets federal charges regardless of their actions that day because the Jan 6th riot was from the other side. When the left riots the Democrats defend them, when the Right riots both the Right and the Left unite to condemn them.

    That is the problem. When the Right acts out the Right is quick to condemn them. When the left riots the Left is quick to defend the riots. We need to hold the Democrats to the same standard we hold Republicans to. Unless we do that this country is irrepairably broken.

  8. What really bothers me with this story is that it's like she knew something was going to happen that day. And ppl like her would prep for drama and a chance to boost herself up on this opportunity. The guards did let ppl into the capital building.

  9. hey Tim do you ever think that maybe the reados why AOC reacted the way she did was because she already knew that all this was gonna happen!! maybe she knew all along because it was all planned out ahead of time. how convenient that all this happened so they had an excuse to stop the meeting and give them another reason to make him look bad. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE!! SHE KNEW ABOUT THIS BEFORE IT HAPPENED!! ITS WAS THERE PLAN AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY BUT NO MATTER HOW GOOD A PLAN IS THERE IS ALWAYS A TRAIL OF MISTAKES. JUST LIKE HER KNOWING ABOUT THIS BEFORE IT HAPPENED! I BET IF YOU INTERVIEWED EVERYONE THAT DAY YOU WOULD SEE A PATTERN OF THINGS JUST LIKE THIS!! THAT WAY YOU COULD PROVE IT WAS ALL PLANNED OUT AHEAD OF TIME!!

  10. While she never actually claimed to be in the building she did nothing correct the implication people were led to believe. The question is did she record the video prior to the people entering the building or afterwards and lied about the timeframe?

  11. AOC KNOWS that she's a traitor, she KNOWS the depth of her vile behavior and betrayal and she KNOWS that not only does she deserve it but that a HUGE number of GOOD people are so righteously angry that they're WANTING to see her KILLED.

  12. No we didn’t Tim because we aren’t journalists and AOC lies all the time, CNN lies all the time, there are 10,000 other things going on right now, and the public doesn’t really care anyway because there will be no repercussions.

    Nice outrage acting though, getting better.

  13. God you're nit picking, who cares if SHE said she was SPECIFICALLY not at the capital because I'm pretty she did not. But even if she did she went on the Godamn News Crying about how much danger she was in and now has PTSD…. You Tim are missing the fucking point, she's a bold face liar.. And you're upset conservatives don't have transcript on hand of what she said so we can be 100% accurate, piss off