CNN wants you to love Netflix Cuties! Media doubles down on critics! Stocks continue to collapse!

Netflix continues to lose money over Cuties as the backlash continues to grow! This is not stopping the blue checkmarks and legacy media like CNN from trying to save it!

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Written by YellowFlash 2


  1. Unironically supporting pedophilia because most right-wingers are against it. What they don't understand is that most left-wingers are also against it. Like, holy shit, this is the worst possible take from CNN.

  2. It's about desensitizing! The same thing they did with sex, showing nudity & profanity. Public Outrage at first but they know if they ride the storm they will win! This movie could have been made for an older age group but THIS is what they are after. Pervert law activism will start. Children are their goal!

  3. "Everyone hates it."

    Leftist Blue checkmarks.
    Leftist reviewers.
    Leftist news media.
    Leftist producers.
    Created and endorsed by a leftist company.

    When are we going to stop protecting leftists by pretending their out in arms over this?

    When will you stop pretending this isn't the natural progression of their SJW ideology?

    They believe in age identification, it's not pedophilia if I identify as a 12 year old too.

    Stop shilling for the left and hold their feet to the fire.

    Make them defend or renounce instead of providing an out.

  4. People can turn against your creativity in two way.
    1. If they really hate it and stop it altogether.
    2. If they really like it and can't accept negative outcome. (This is the one you should aim for)

    2nd one happened in our country. It was drama wrote by Humayun Ahmed "Kothao Kew Nei". One of the charecter called Baker Vai was trialed and verdict was death by hanging. There were movements in my country to stop it. People protested so much that the director and actors had to go hiding, and filed police report. Our capital almost had a curfew . Our prime minister told them not to do the scene.
    That's the negative reaction you should welcome.

  5. all I have to do is take the fucking movie off of their platform but they still trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel hoping that a bunch of pedophile flooding to give them their money

  6. It's sad that the article calling the film racist for exploiting black bodies may be what brings it down, instead of you know, the actual fact that it's softcore cp. What the hell is wrong with Netflix?

  7. Come on it's a coming of age story. The new normal. Before (according to Wikipedia) coming of age only applied to teenagers, because you are coming of age to drive, vote, drink, etc. Like American Graffiti. But now….?

  8. Feel free to call me a racist because I DESPISE THIS FILM (and I do) but I did my bit for society. I helped put a pedophile priest in prison and he was white so there.

  9. "Don't fall for the Cuties outrage; America lives exploiting black bodies"

    The outrage is BECAUSE Cuties exploits black (and white) bodies. If you can't see that, you're blind.

  10. The rider in a black womanNetflix Adam you got done and Netflix seen it they really didn't like it but their lawyer told him not to say anything they did though they probably going to turn around around on them and try to act like they rate it and that told him lottery told him to go ahead and let her let her do what she want to do that why Netflix and salt the movie from going on there called Daddy won't be called rate that and they didn't want to get sued for rate it at I ain't going to I don't like the movie I think maybe sit but I do like Netflix

  11. My mom, that ends almost anything that she starts watching, no matter how bad it is, couldn't watch more than 30 minutes of Cuties. Not even the Cats movie was enough to stop her, and she watched it completely sober. Worst part is: We're from Brasil, and we don't use twitter, we have nothing to do with the "twitter drama". That movie is just disgusting, no matter how you look at it.

  12. The movie itself isn't a red pill movement… it's the media literally telling people if they don't like it they are right wing and all the left is ok with this. People are gunna go well shit if you say so nice self burn

  13. The fact that certain parts of the media keep trying to gaslight us and call this movie artistic rather than accept the founded criticism is so, so sketch.