CNN Worries that Twitter Censorship is Not Enough to Stop Trump



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  1. Leftists crying Fascism while doing exactly what actual fascists do…Cognitive Dissonance that can be spotted from lunar orbit that is disturbingly normal amongst the present day Left.

  2. Censorship is the tool of dictators and authoritarians. The tech tyrants want absolute power because they are just…so much smarter than the rest of us and should rule over us. We are on to their scam.

  3. It's hilarious how the morons think that their little coup is going to work in a country with more guns in private hands than most armies have.
    They thought their bullying and censorship was going to work in a country full of rugged individualists that breathe, sweat and breathe the Red, White and Blue.
    Watching them get crushed for their efforts is going to be HIGHLY satisfying!
    I'm looking forward to the hangings with bated breath.

  4. Well there is one thing you can count on at CNN, they really specialized on fucking themselves in the ass. That has attracted a great deal of on air teleprompter readers, such as AC Cooper, Stelter, Cuomo, Lemon all big and fans of the CNN style of self ass fuckery.

  5. Imagine being so irresponsible, lacking of contributive experience, and uneducated in all aspects of life you have one person to blame for all your problems, besides muh jesus. Trump is the scapegoat of all lifes responsibility

  6. It should be highly illegal for a payment processor to refuse to do business with a person or entity that is not engaged in illegal activity.
    If you can't refuse to make a cake then you can't refuse to process my payments.
    Hosting services should also have the same laws applied.
    When will we get a president and a government to do this?

  7. It's smart for Trump to continue to use Twitter because the left can't resist the urge to try and silence him and it exposes their hypocrisy and bias.
    Thanks to CNN, MSNBC, Twitter and Facebook, all I have to do to learn the Truth is read what they say about Trump and I know the opposite is true.

  8. What about Parler? Would it be able to handle Trump if he came over? Should he have a presence on Parler in preparation for Twitter Twitter deplatforming him?

  9. When I need sanity and a clear concise explanation of all the noise around me, I always gravitate back to your channel. Thanks for being one of the most reliable sources of news for the last few years.

  10. Joe Biden agreed that police budgets can and should be "redirected" or "reallocated" however it is forbidden to share an edited video exposing this. The fact that a video was edited for a more concise presentation, not manipulation, is enough to send Twitter TOS assholea into a tailspin. However you can claim that Trump called White Supremacists "very fine people", using an edited video as proof. This alone is glaring proof of not only Leftist hypocrisy but the manipulation of context and void where logic and reason once resided in our society.

  11. I see very few Biden signs in and around Seattle, but more anti-Trump or anti-whatever signs.
    CNN's best ideas are to slander and silence Trump.
    Biden's best idea is to play Despacito in a wheat field.
    The dems could have won this election, if they had an actual candidate. They chose not to win this time. Used to be only Republicans who did that.

  12. If Trump's tweets are "election interfering" wouldn't that make every news outlet, every piece of sociopolitical information, every journalist, political figures, and, hell, basically everyone and everything under the sun influencers and interferences to our election system?

  13. At this point whenever the MSM tells you not to pay attention to something Trump's doing. It's just an advertisement for Trump.

    The MSM is almost making everything Trump does like a meme on a billboard that says..

    Don't look at this information.

    Well what do you realistically expect people to do? Because no adult wants to be told what to think.

    And at this point it's so painfully obvious that they're lying to you that it's like a Comedic Tragedy looking at the MSM.

    And the funniest part is. This death by a thousand paper cuts the Democrats are receiving from the MSM.

    And consider the MSM is on their side.. Mind blown!

    The MSM is literally like the drug addict from the song Master of Puppets from Metallica.

    They can't get off that sweet cocaine that is Donald Trump.

    And that's the Comedic Tragedy.

  14. The day they close their news station is the day I have a big smile in my face. These idiots think if they can get rid of social media. That the new generation will come to them. Eh no… They realize the new generation don't give a crap about them. Instead they made the new generation hate them. Because we know they are the ones making social media force all these rules on us. By the way the legacy media doesn't have to fallow these rules. Only we do. They handicap us, and we are still kicking their asses.

  15. Well maybe if the Dems had a good candidate and a platform that wasn't based on communism they might have a chance. They made their bed now they get to sleep in it. Boo hoo

  16. Censoring Trump on Twitter is meaningless. Twitter is nothing but an echo chamber of leftist hate spewing and hysteria. No one who wants to listen to Trump or anything conservative is going there for it. I only have a twitter for a pen name to promote my books and all I follow is horror and comic book feeds and even then every other tweet is somehow some libtard squealing about something, its no longer even worth logging in

  17. Love watching my leftist friends freaking out even harder now on social media and getting less and less return as people realize they are totally crazy and flailing at this point (i just post random homemade photographs – working on my symbolism, since speaking sense just gets you attacked.)