CNN’s Acosta ROASTED Over Fake COVID Concerns, McEnany’s Epic Mic Drop Moment

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  1. LMAO.
    Tim, how the hell can you say "I will not be someone's entertainment," then sit here and churn out videos like it's job? Isn't it your job? This video lost all credibility after that comment.

  2. Yyyeeeeaaaahhhh… Tim, I'm going to call bullshit. You talk ALL the time about media doing stupid shit. You're not reserved at all on the subject. Be honest, or lose our support…

  3. Sorry Tim but not engaging with the leftist press is exactly what they are hoping conservatives will do. It is a clear Marxist tactic that has been used for over a century. Make your opponent weary of having to continue arguing and fighting to get their message out and soon they go silent and all people hear is the Marxist message. That is what has happened to campuses across western democracies 30 years ago. What needs to happen is what Trump has been doing. Fight back at every opportunity. Never go silent. Never back down. Never bend the knee.

  4. I agree on most points here, however, it doesn't have to be your hobby or whatever for you to be "red pilled".
    You're gloriously missing the point.
    It is waking up.

  5. Oh shit what a madlad. Also let's note that she had the physical paper ready for them. Just showing these idiots are playing checkers. But damn that savagery should be a war crime

  6. They must show the people in order for them to wake up, I woke up 2 years ago. It's sad how little people read.

  7. A metaphor for incongruent Tim would be from going from a skater misfit likely loiterer to the guy that'd tell kids to get off his lawn. He thinks the world changed but he did more than it just doesn't accept it yet.

  8. Has anyone been fired for liking a progressive tweet?
    Anyone fired for saying black lives matter?
    Nope.. just those bad very bad conservatives and their harmful opinions

  9. 7:56 "…old organizations as a skin suit floppin' around with non-profit money ". Skin walkers are ALWAYS evil and have been since the dawn of time; today's skin walkers in BS MSM are no different.

  10. Acosta is always asking what people call "got you" questions. They backfire so consistently why aren't they called "got me" questions? He blows himself up in his pot stirred alchemy concoctions. It's a wonder there isn't "ACME" labels on the chair assigned to him, he is the Wile E.Coyote to McEnany's Roadrunner. 🙂 Meep Meep!

  11. Look at that little black girl holding her fist high… I wonder if I would get the same praise for putting my little girl in a white robe/hood and giving her a little cross to burn?