CNN’s Cuomo And Lemon Mock Trump Over Acuity Test But Then SCREW Up, Our News Media Is VERY Dumb

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  1. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity
    Can't recall basic information a toddler could; they aren't revising history, they simply can't remember it, they hope history is multiple choice. When the multiple choice selected is convenient to their agenda, the establishment rewards them. > Modern state of Journalism

  2. Lol what the heck, I want to look up the test now. How can they not know animals? I know they live in a bubble and spent their adult life being ego stroked. Media is sick.

  3. For some reason no matter how surprising. On the tip of your tongue you want to say NO WAY.

  4. Tim – "Why do we get so much fake news?"
    That could be because the news anchors can't pass an acuity test. They just believe whatever lie that gets passed to them and put that lie on t.v. for people who also believe whatever lie that gets passed to them.

    Tim – "Why are these people even on t.v.?

    That could be because they believe and pass along any lie that gets handed to them from above. The news anchors are just personalities for the camera. They are not the ones finding/researching these stories.

    Reason number 12039434 not to watch CNN (read the fake news network) they take anything President Trump does and try to use it to make him look bad, but only end up making themselves look worse then they were attempting to do to President Trump in the first place.

  5. Your saying Republicans are wrong by citing a Poll #TimPool….Cmon man we dont believe polls and half of us conservatives don't side with Republicans especially the Rhinos or Hippos among them….All Democrats are not for the Riots just as all Republican aren't of that view point..This isn't really about Democrats Vs. Republicans..Its Good Vs. Evil

  6. No Republicans are not getting it wrong and ik u cant be that simple minded bruh only a couple Republicans that's with the democratic liberals dig deeper in history the Republicans wanted to free slaves but the Democrats wanted to keep em 0k 500 thousand whites gave their live to free the practice of slavery ight also bidens great great grandfather was a slave owner I mean facts are facts

  7. Yo, is anyone else getting these 4-5 minutes Social Justice ads in the middle of the Tim Pool videos? Please watch them. Let’s drain the bank accounts of these libtards spreading fake news and disinformation

  8. Please thumbs up if you will join us on Wednesday's corporate fast ( 1 day 1 meal ) breakfast, lunch or dinner – fasting & prayer for Israel, America and your Country if not here. There's power in #'s, Thank you an GOD Bless from Christmas Valley Oregon, ( PSALM 25 just a reminder )

  9. Democrats are sitting back very happy that they created a divide over race, after all it's been their standard operating procedure since they were created.

  10. When you embody the level of arrogance and "moral superiority" that the left and Democrats do, there is absolutely no room for introspection and it shows.

  11. Cuomo and Lemon have been failing real life mental acuity tests non stop for the last few months… but hey at least this one doesn't get people killed

    So about that survey… I tracked it down and holy fuck is it confusing but can't find any of the data separated by political ideology it separates by race. Also was asking things like if it's systemic vs individuals and also asked if you think specific races are discriminated against/get preferential treatment and you know how they will spin that. The same answer for a different race will mean 2 different things about what you think of racism

  12. So, both of them failed. Don said it was a Hippo and Cuomo called him out for it. Then, Cuomo called it an elephant and I think Don suddenly realized they fucked up.

  13. When you said "worse and worse" on the second "worse" it sounded like your voice cracked slightly, like you want to cry from the sheer stupidity murdering your brain cells.

  14. you can't convince people that they are insane Tim. You have to prove it. Maybe the Dems are insane. Maybe they are just evil. Maybe they are dumb and don't know any better. These are the "higher educated" people among us. With their noses so far up each others butts they can't see what color the sky is. The left is a Human Centipede.