CNN’s Van Jones Agrees With Trump About 2020 Election!

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At a TED Talk in October 2020, CNN’s Van Jones made some very interesting statements about how a U.S. president is elected, and pointed out some of the “fine print,” he says, about what is “fully legal, and fully Constitutional.”

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  1. EVERYONE agrees with Trump about it, as the evidence is clear and always has been. Only the journalists under orders not to talk about it (ie. Fox) or the Trump-haters desperate to protect the steal (CNN and the rest of them) disagree. Same with social media commentators scared of their accounts being suspended and cancelled. They are threatened into submission, which is how the Left plays.

  2. The hearings are NOT 'sexy' as the Dem talking head said, but rather they are sexist and racist. Being totally ignored is the senseless killing of innocent veteran Ashli Babbitt, by a trigger happy black DC cop. All decent Americans honor her memory.

  3. Look Trump said way back during the debates that this election would be the most rigged corrupt election with all of the mail in ballots. When asked if he would accept the results if he lost he said we will see. But there was definitely evidence of some issues on the past election. I mean let's be honest did Biden really receive the most votes ever for a president? More than Obama? When he would get a group of a 100 or 200 people at a rally compared to Trumps sold out rally. No. All this crap coming out now is an attempt to keep him from running again.

  4. The Left have to lie about everything or they'd never get elected to anything. Even then, appealing to the low-information voters. And the no-information voters. I miss that self-made guy Herman Cain.

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