Coca-Cola’s Anti-White “Training” Blows Up In Their Faces

Now former general counsel Bradley Gayton, resigned after his training course, which claimed being white is wrong, failed miserably, drawing massive backlash. He also forced certain departments to increase their diversity quotas or face the consequences/get fired. This of course, didn’t end well.

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  1. Pepsi is better. They don't care if you white or black, they just want you to enjoy the flavor. Besides, Coke went down hill when they removed their best ingredient from the product. And if you don't know what that is, the answer is: cocaine. Change my mind.

  2. I know a lot of folks who quit drinking coke. Started out with a substance that shattered thousands upon thousands of lives. Tricked people with "new coke" then called the original coca cola classic but with corn syrup. Anything for a buck….
    Pepsi is better anyhow

  3. I work for a grocery store. They made us all do an "unconscious bias" training. Making sure we were extra nice to Asians.
    I live on the beach in Florida. We don't even have Asians here…

  4. Ok, this is horrible.. No denying that… But I read that they weren't "forced" to watch this training video but it was an optional training video that was available on their employee website… Not that this small detail makes Coke's racism ok, I just have to point out inaccuracies when I see them…

  5. To ally white friends….im sorry. Im sorry you're experiencing racism on a daily. Big corporate like Coca-Cola, Facebook, Twitter,News media are the true bullies

  6. So judging someone by the color of their skin is Racist??
    *I do feel bad that all of the other races are weak and need everyone to protect them I feel sorry for them I really pity them because they are victims I feel sorry for the poor victims that can’t take care of themselves I think we should all take pity on these victims and do what we can to protect them from the mean white people Even if some of them do things that hurt white people they only do it because they’re lashing out and don’t have other choices that’s why they do things like rob and hurt our families our parents and our elderly we should forgive them and realize that THEY are the victims My child’s wounds will heal my moms wounds will heal my fathers wounds will heal but the pain we inflicted on them will never heal I’m disgusted in myself…??‍♂️

  7. Whatever they need to change color of their pop I done boycotted first time I heard hope they hit rock bottom or Pierce their fingers see what color their blood is I challenge everyone in the world prick your finger let me know what color yours is??!?

  8. Coca-Cola is SO unhealthy! I hope people regardless find alternatives to fill their sweet tooth/caffeine fill regardless of what they fulfill by drinking coca-cola… My bones hurt just thinking about it…