Coke Cancels RACIAL Quota, Top Lawyer Resigns In Shame, Accusations Of Illegality, Get Woke Go Broke

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  1. Tim says that Conservatives have the law on their side but in the REAL world the law is whatever the marxist scum decides it is – what a joke!

  2. The entire BLM movement was about 70 years too late to the game. I feel like all they accomplished, (besides getting filthy rich), was pulling at the scab of the last civil rights movement's wounds. Things were finally getting sorted out and we were well on our way to being an organically "colorblind" society. Nice going BLM. Hope you're pleased with yourself. History won't be kind to you, even if social media temporarily is. Enjoy it while you can.

  3. Dozens of my friends, family and even people I just casually speak to are boycotting Coke!
    They deserve it, Pepsi* Rules!
    (* totally better fizz anyway)

    ** I stopped buying Coke when they changed their flavor… (Summer of 1985)

  4. Those companies are cowards for not fighting the EEOC. My father-in-law successfully defended himself against charges of racism by an employee trying to start a union who claimed he was racist.
    The majority of the company was African American and Vietnamese, including the VP of the company.
    His was the first company to win against the EEOC…EVER!

  5. If you, as a contractor, create documents for Broward County FL, you may not print and/or mail it unless you're a non-white or female owned company.

  6. Tim: I'm not for boycotts of products and companies.

    Also Tim: I'm in favor of civil disobedience, disrupting traffic, occupying the streets paid by all of us for its usage, and risk the lives of others by blocking police and ambulance.

  7. So basically the most useless and arrogant of Basecamp's employees quit en masse? Sounds like a win to me!

    And after reading that Verge article, my only other comment is that I will never take seriously these black supremacists who are so petty and juvenile in their racism that they literally spell words differently to express their bigotry – "Black", "white" – note the differing capitalization. It's like putting a sign on your forehead that says "I'm an idiotic child who should be ignored." These people are just plain ridiculous.