Col Macgregor: End Of UKRAINE WAR

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Col Macgregor: End Of UKRAINE WAR

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  1. The Col. Underestimated the problem. The swamp needs to be purged and the deep state is very concerned that the reelection of Trump will make it happen. Their Dr gonna have to kill Trump.

  2. The problem is this:

    While other countries look into the future to determine if their country will still exist as it does (and plan accordingly with a long-term view), the West, almost to a man, looks into the future only so far as the end of the latest election cycle.

    Our leaders are concerned with fleecing the most money out of people for the next 4-10 (depending on the specific election term and also re-election) years, and that's it.

  3. Dear Friends. You spoken the truth! We won't exclude Russia in Europe. We won't exclude nobody! We want peace in Europe and the world. You Col. are e hero and an ambassador. Thank you!

  4. But what are the leadership choices in Germany?? There doesn't seem to be any potentially strong leaders on the docket. Germany is a country so demoralized by the west since the second world war that at this point its political and economic future looks hopeless.

  5. Merkel was an idiot also, her personal trauma of living in the DDR was thrust upon us all here. The madness of her open refugee policy, just an example. The bigger idiot Scholz is just adding to the mess, a non event in history he is.

  6. everybody has had enough by now. the russians have expressed themselves , the americans can do a lot of analysing after this, the Ukrainian just want it to stop , the Europeans don't want anymore disturbances. but the evil just don't rest until mankind is destroyed. the hate is so deep..

  7. I'm honestly not sure about Germany. The population here seems very indoctrinated, and total obedient to what the media tells them.
    To the point with the polls. There is no real alternative to vote for. Most people are "too afraid" to vote for change, which only can happen by parties like DieLinke or AFD.

  8. There have been reports of Muslim refugees being unable to learn German, necessary to work and live in Germany. It's probably easier for Ukrainians to learn German, because German and Ukrainian are both in the Indo-European language family, where Arabic is in the unrelated Afro-Asiatic language family, and illiteracy isn't as high among Ukrainians as it is among Arabians.

    Though, what Germans consider illiterate is different from what Americans consider illiterate. tagesschau had a video a while back about illiteracy in Germany, and it showed one "illiterate" person taking a literacy test, in which he had to be able to distinguish between "wider" and "wieder" (imagine if Americans had to be able to distinguish between "whose" and "who's" to be considered literate).

  9. Sitting in Belgrade Serbia and eating popcorn watching things unfold in Europe. Are Germans going to burn wood for heating this winter? Oh wait, they'd have to import it from Siberia 😁

  10. Great interviews with Col. MacGregor. Let's see about an interview with Col. Richard Black USMC. A lot of these fellows, with any common sense, were purged under the Obama Admin.

  11. For those of us who grew up in Europe during the Iraq war and not suffering from collective amnesia, we concur that America is no longer wanted in Europe. Nor do we want Chinese and Russian influence in our politics. It's high time for European leaders to grow a pair before the populace gets fed up (which is already happening), and take to the streets and to the polls. If the left and centre parties in Europe don't get their act together, I fear we will see a lot of right wing gov'ts resurfacing across the continent in the years to come. When everyone is suffering from gas shortages and Hungary is sitting pretty, it's neighbours might start thinking about electing their own Victor Orbans… Winter is coming.

  12. I am happy to finally hear Americans speak the truth.
    For America, war has always been a profitable business. The United States has always created sparks here and there for its own interests, and when war flares up, it has made money by supplying large amounts of weapons / sending troops / making debts.

    The Roosevelt administration thought that if it participated in WW2, it would be able to get out of the Great Depression, make more money, and hopefully gain world hegemony with the dollar. But the American people were against the war, so they cornered Japan into attacking.

    Since then, the United States has continued to do the same. The United States has secretly set fires, posed as firefighters to make money, and pretend itself the world's police force.
    But they are all fictitious. The United States has continued to inflict the suffering of war on both Americans and ordinary people abroad, simply to make a handful of super-rich even richer. People in countries other than the United States, in particular, are at risk of losing their lives and property.

    Only Americans can stop this, and I hope many Americans realize that.

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