Col Macgregor: “War With China IS STUPID”

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Col Macgregor: “War With China IS STUPID”

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  1. 90 miles of Florida isn't USA Cuba is not part of America and Taiwan isn't part of China. Communist Cuba opposite of Democratic America likewise, Democratic Taiwan is opposite of Communist China. Kosovo was Stolen from Serbia by American thieves and Taiwan will also be stolen.

  2. It's legitimate for Ukraine to establish their own from communism and so for Taiwan to defend itself. For many many decades, the Chinese CCP never govern Taiwan. Taiwanese themselves have the right to establish their own. Faking damn general you better review your history and to your coward to go against evildoers who wanted to change the way humanity lives in this world. Imagine, if we were all under communist rule, what the heck!

  3. China government is not in a position to engage in war now as the citizens are enjoying life.
    On the other hand, US government is eager to provoke China at least to the point of military standoff to keep themselves in power as US's economy is going to crash.

  4. Technically the China people liberation army has never lost a war against America. During the Korean War China decided enough was enough entering the war. The China PLA attack America military with a red wave so massive that American military ran out of Ammunition. The Chinese army came in floods and floods eventually pushing America out of North Korea and ending the war

  5. USA goal has been to destabilize Russia Empire. Then break it up in pieces. EU moves in and absorbs these countries, include the huge energy, raw material, food resources. Become part of Nato controlled by USA. Box China. Bigger than the Mongol Empire!

  6. US politicians still believe in "shock snd awe". It never worked and it never will. The US believe in technological superiority but still lost in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan because the other side had two insurmountable advantages: "time" and the willingness to endure massive losses. North Vietnam and the Vietcong lost every battle but still won the war.

  7. Great video and thank you for helping to spread the truth! For those who are still confused about the whole PRC and ROC history over Taiwan, here's a short summary of the 2 sides from the beginning:

    1912: China's last dynasty was finally overthrown. In its place, the father of modern China: Sun Yat-sen, founded The Republic of China.

    1921: The Communist Party of China was founded (Independent of Soviet rule), and its members actually held KMT government positions (Left-wing) and worked alongside their Nationalist counterparts. Total Communist members only numbered around 500, a minority faction within the government of The Republic of China.

    1925: The founding father, Sun Yat-sen, dies from cancer. The ROC was left in a power vacuum, but ultimately, Chiang Kai-Shek, a military strongman, took power. Chiang was a right-wing strongman, immediately declaring martial-law to seize power in the ROC, he also viewed the Communists, now numbering in the thousands, as an existential threat to his power.

    1927: While pretending to work alongside the Communists to overthrow local warlords across China, Chiang's KMT army marched into Shanghai to link up with the Communist militias there. Initially greeted by the Communists, Chiang turned on them and massacred anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 Communists and their sympathizers, known as the Shanghai Massacre, kicking off the Chinese Civil War.

    1927-1937: The Communists go into hiding, launching insurgency attacks against Chiang's KMT army. This period also included the grueling Long March retreat, a 380 day, 12,000 km march on foot, lead by one man: Mao Zedong, to evade capture by the KMT army, whose numbers hover around 300,000 men now. The Communist Red Army, which started the retreat with about 70,000 men, ended with only about 7,000 men that actually made it to their final destination. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany have also now started supporting each side. The Soviets for Mao and Germany for Chiang.

    1937: Japan invades Manchuria, the northeastern part of China. Chiang was now forced by his own generals to work with the Communists again for the defense of all of China. Mao advocated for insurgency style guerilla attacks against the Japanese, which were more effective, while Chiang kept going with conventional attacks, which resulted in much more significant losses for the KMT army.

    1945: After the Japanese surrender, the Chinese Civil War picks back up almost immediately. However, this time, the Communist forces numbered in the millions. Having won the hearts and minds of China's rural population, the Communists were often seen as the heroes while Chiang's KMT army as corrupt and incompetent, often wanting to wipe out the Communists more than defending China against Japanese aggression.

    1947: Chiang and the KMT have lost almost full populace support as they retreat to the island of Taiwan, now returned back to The Republic of China by Japan, where Chiang, again, immediately began to impose martial-law in a period known as the White Terror, imprisoning at least 140,000 Taiwanese and killing at least 18,000-28,000 people in violent suppressions. This military dictatorship would not be lifted until 40 years later when the government of the ROC in Taiwan finally converts to democracy and free elections in 1987. Chiang, having died in 1975, falsely believed he could still convince the United States to support an armed invasion to retake the mainland.

    1949: Mao Zedong and the Communist Party, who fought for The Republic of China, realized Chiang's KMT forces were now out of reach on Taiwan island, protected by US naval vessels. Unable to inherit the government of The Republic of China, which is still under the control of Chiang, they established a new one instead. When China's founding father, Sun Yat-sen, initially named the country, he had actually wanted the words "People's Republic" written in there. By coincidence, that was the new name the Communist Party chose to rename the whole country to: The People's Republic of China, and now claims to be the true successor of The Republic of China. Both sides claim the same country, including the island of Taiwan, but are two different governments, hence, where the term "One China Policy" comes from.

  8. Wisdom was brought down in Three,
    -In the minds of the Greeks
    -On the hands of the Chinese
    -On the tongues of Arabs.

    Someone once said in history, I forgot who.

    BUT, focus on the hands of Chinese part, Those people can create like no other nation on earth, ide be warry of picking a fight with such people.
    Just saying, leave them the hell alone, we do not own the earth and everything on it.

    Multipolar VS Unipolar.
    Multipolar every time for me.
    Imagine everyone on earth ditching their traditions for a suit and tie and the sick feminism LGBTQ fanatics, that's not a world i want to live in, dunno bout you.

  9. China easily can mass 10 millions PLA soldiers, the US should know at the Korean war they were chase down to the 38 parallel by the Chinese troops. For those US veteran who fought in the Korean war they know, wave and wave of undending attacks from the PLA army.

  10. You're wrong abt Russia capabilities! Russia can crush Ukraine anytime but the devastation would be bad PR for Russia. By dragging the war and the sanctions, Russia has the excuse to choke the EU and the US of its oil, gas, food and materials supply chains. It's happening and working now!!! Both EU and US are suffering from oil & gas high prices and disruptions to food & materials.

  11. Thanks to Rusia, China, and North Korea, the Communist becoming more arrogant everyday
    The Communist existence threatening this Beautiful world
    next North Korea or other Country will learn from Rusia and China that its okay to Invade the neighbour

  12. If we Taiwan don't manufacture the best and tiniest semi-conductive chips that Apple loves to use, would US "care" for us Taiwan so much? I guess if we are like Siri Lanka, you would finally leave us alone, right? Now USA forces us to build a new chip laboratory in Arizona, USA, facing Intel, you are satisfied and still want to further kill our remaining laboratories in Taiwan, it just shows that USA just doesn't want China to get them on hand. Ironically, TSM was built by a bunch of diligent Chinese who wanted to go back to China with glory; they had wanted to build up Taiwan as a model state to persuade all Chinese that they were a better government, to erase the shame that they were booted out of mainland China im 1949. Unfairly these retired Chinese engineers, officials and generals who contributed so much to the modern advance Taiwan now enjoy, were treated like shit in okd age by younger generation who after enjoy good life and are able to go to US and learn "democracy." They came back to the island and overthrew the old guys. "We don't want to go back to China." They only want to enjoy the fruits of those trees of scientic IC industry that those old guys planted, all to themselves. They then feel anxious that China may one day came to claim those trees, so they presented these treasure trees to U.S. and wispered to Trump's ears that you can have some of these if you protect us from China, like Juda. U.S. began to realize the importance of Taiwan, and wanted to roll back their own one-China policy that they had been saying for decades that Taiwan was part of China. Now US want to pass a new bill in Congress to roll it back. That's the real reason she went to the island. Comparatively China would still want Taiwan back even it turned into something like Siri Lanka without the chip industry. They had been claiming the island decades before Taiwan developed the chip manufacture. Why? A mother would still claim her children even when they were broke, dirty and poor. The mother was like that before herself, damaged by the cruel Japan during the WW II. They had suffered, so they understand suffering and the difficulty in getting back on foot again. That's they saw in Africa, in Mid East, and said to them "we can help you to get back on your feet again. We had been through that."

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