Colbert Crew Arrested For Invading US Capitol Have Charges Dropped



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  1. Obviously the Dems have declared war on the rest of America. Are you fucking kidding me?? Jan 6th was “an attack on our very democracy!” Even though a lot of them were undercover FBI and fake Trump supporters. And these assholes have their charges DROPPED? They are literally leaving us no choice. We can’t vote them out because it’s more than obvious that they did steal the election. Everyday we are seeing more evidence and people are being arrested. Even though libtards will say “where’s your evidence?” Even after we show them. So we must assume they are going to keep cheating. Any type of gathering of conservatives is classed as a violent riot, while BLM burned, looted, murdered and took over FEDERAL buildings. What punishment did they get? Well senators and congressmen set up go fund me accounts and such to bail them out of jail!! Are you fucking kidding? Nope, we aren’t kidding. So it very clear that “they” have declared war and that conservatives and any Trump supporters will not be treated the same as liberals and BLM. And even though everybody sees it, nobody is doing anything. Why have our republicans drawn up impeachment articles on Biden? It’s been PROVEN that he is a criminal and has lied to America and congress. I’m sure we’d lose because no democrats will stand with us but it should be done anyway. If I could do something believe me I’d be the first one out there doing it. But I don’t have a voice like our politicians do. Won’t even one democrat stand up and acknowledge that this all not right? Do what’s right and not what’s popular!!!! Fuck party lines! Save our country! And if people think I’m being over dramatic, look what Biden is doing. He’s selling our petroleum reserves to China! Our enemy! This was supposed to go to the American people to ease prices. But this dickhead is selling it to China! Our reserves are the finest grade of crude in the world and he’s selling it to India and China. And you know he’s getting a kickback. They are purposely hurting America because they want a one world government. They are trying to piss us off so they can declare martial law. Martial law will suspend all elections until further notice. Things are never going back to normal. This is our new normal until they outlaw guns. Why would they outlaw guns? It’s because they plan on doing something we would shoot them for. If anyone reads this whole thing I’ll be shocked, but if you do, thank you, I appreciate it.

  2. Everyone if these abusing the constitution and their oath the swore to the people need to be locked up, and loose their pension, and charged with treason. They are treason sellout traitors and must be dealt with as such

  3. They were distracting everyone while Paul Pelosi was buying seven figures in semiconductor stocks ahead of a vote that will likely cause the stocks to go way up.

  4. When democrats go on the media telling their side to fight and no one is accountable well I think our side should stop with the "we will not lower ourselves to be like them". Let's fight just as hard, no lets fight more…. tHERE IS TOO MUCH AT STAKE #G.A.B.R.I.E.L.

  5. In more coherent days the public was allowed in the capital to socialize, it was called the peoples house.

    In fact crowd's at times got so big they had to put tea and whisky outside to get some of the populace outside lol. That was when positions knew they were there to serve the public not bilk them to get wealthy.

  6. Yeah Man . Every single one of These fu#kn so-called EMPLOYEES OF OURS that illegally incarcerated violated @least 3 Constitutional Rights of ALL American citizens from Jan.6..
    NEED to..HAVE TO, SUE THE PSYCHOTIC SHIT INSIDE OUT OF THEM! This is and has been Unfreekn believable ! All the shit that's BEEN happening and continues to. With NO repercussions, consequences, nothing! AND NOT d pays ._ just the Victim

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