Colbert RIDICULES Fox News’ Peter Doocy For Questioning Biden, Suggests SLAPPING Him

Katie Halper makes the case that deescalation is the best way to help Ukrainians, not military support.

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  1. Yeah. The world wants to know a lot of things and Biden isn’t telling. How about we start with hos dealings in Ukraine, because now the fall guy is his son and that’s ok.

  2. Biden announced that he was immediately withdrawing troops from Afghanistan….leaving all the weapons behind. Yeah definitely not a good idea to announce that but won't answer this question.

  3. Katie Halper is parroting deep state propaganda as if it were indisputable fact under the guise of holding the political class accountable. The Bellingcat claim that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people in Douma was proven to be false as per Wikileaks revelations, yet Halper uses faux empathy for Julian Assange to further reinforce deep state rationalizations for its campaign of regime change throughout Africa, the Mideast, and Asia.

  4. Colbert is just a Puppet. he say and perform what's put for him in a script. that's all to it really. all of them Media and Celebrity individuals . they are nothing but to serve and say what they told to say. remember during the Covid time . they have to say OH they go it . just to convince the public that thing is exist. the use of celebrity face is the first to make you question the integrity and @ the minute 8:28. the Palestinians been living this life for decade Mr. president. WHY ? is it too emotional to you with Ukraine than Palestine ?!! what a hypocrite liar. !!! the whole world are when it comes to this !! and Yemen is suffering the same fate buy American weapons' sold to Saudi Arabia !! ZERO integrity why could anyone trust them people saying any thing ?!!

  5. Colbert is his own poorly delivered joke. He has a group of fellow leftist sycophants as his fan base. He and Jon Stewart are the definition of absurdity spoken eloquently.

  6. Colbert sniffs glue and laughs a bit to much at his own words, that are not just his words. Real comedy laughs at all, mostly themselves. Colbert has all the ansewers and anything else is Trumpy

  7. Bidens original statement was clearly intentionally vague so he can make the threat without actually threatening anything. So when it's clear he was being intentionally vague for obvious reasons it's frustrating that the deuce wants him to spell out exactly what he would do, thus making it a specific threat of force which means we are in the war. He can only make the threat because it's vague. Impressive the entire panel missed this

  8. I fully support a negotiated peace ASAP. But providing the Ukrainians leverage in negotiations is not a bad thing. Putting aside the peace at all costs crowd, BTW the Ukrainian people do not seem to support that – they're fighting, if you are NOT going to just capitulate and surrender, how exactly are you supposed to negotiate? Yeah you've got your tanks but we've got our moral outrage? How do you negotiate from nothing? Do people think Putin can be shamed into compromise? Wishing does not make it so. The US providing lethal assistance (without boots on the ground or a no-fly zone) gives the Ukrainians the ability to fight. Continuing to give them arms enables them to continue the fight. As long as they can fight they have leverage. Without that what makes people think there will be a negotiation? Clearly by all accounts the Ukrainian people do not wish to negotiate a SURRENDER, would you?

  9. Attacking the free press !? 😂😂😂 Of course Fox news is all about freedom of speech. This segment's bias is brought to you by woman Alex Jones – Kim Iversen

  10. Colbert has always been a corporate tool, he fits in well with this new tyranical censorship of reality, brought by the merger of corporate/oligarch wealth and political power. I think there is a word for that….oh yeah, fascism.

    I guess Colbert already has his goose-stepping boots ready and waiting.

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