Collection of Videos and Photos from the 100,000-strong Melbourne Protest – Sat 13 Nov

There’s still a few good ones left

Victorians – take action to stop Dan Andrews’ Authoritarian Pandemic Laws

Click the button below to email all 128 Victorian MPs in one click.

It takes literally 10 seconds. That’s it. Please do it and share 🙂

For more information about the bill and go to

Note; there are more videos from this week’s protests – and previous weeks – on my Google Photos Album:

Livestreams / Videos

Real Rukshan on Facebook

*You may have to watch Rukshan’s long 4+ hour livestream on Facebook if the below video does not play.

Drone Shot

Channel 7 Reporter Paul Dowsley abused by Melbourne protesters… again!
Source: AussieCossack

4+ Hour Livestream
From Aussie Cossack

How the Mainstream Media Covered It:

Channel 10:

Channel 7:

Channel 9:

Sky News

News Corp / / Herald Sun:


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