Columbia University Caught Lying For Biden Over Stimulus Bill

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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  1. Besides dominion whoever voted for these criminals should be ashamed as if you didn’t know who you were voting for

  2. Just like in the old Soviet Union the universities publish what the Politburo want to hear. This lack of honesty was one of the main reasons the CCCP collapsed.

  3. The ruling class has many tentacles, academia is one of many tools for the protection of capital and neoliberalism/conservatism.

  4. Since he White House believe the Spa shooting were based on racism – perhaps they'll tackle the Universities that actively racially discriminate against Asian Students and condemn those activists of all colors who attack Asian shopkeepers and business owners – but hey they're Democrats so I wont hold my breath – some discrimination and racism is okay to them, they just call it a different name.

  5. Here from Austria: Jimmy Door is one of the few talking about widespread political deceit! The elites, the establishments all over the world are trying to enslave us and rob us. Yes, you can see „1984“ being played out all over the world now, the media, the beaurocrats, the financial, pharmaceutical, the corporate mafia are taking over, but it’s happening all over the world, Jimmy, not only in the USA. We are just a few years behind this cancerous infection, not corona infection!

  6. Maybe download the linked documents and read what they say before jumping to conclusions? The numbers have changed after the policy change, but the reduction in poverty changed from 57.8% to 56.0%, i.e, still above 50%, which they reported. They may be making stuff up, but this is hardly any evidence of that. It looks like minimum wage increases do not affect child poverty much, but improve the poverty levels of those in the 18-64 age range. No conspiracy required.

  7. If Dore is aware of the "state of academia" and knows Ivy League universities are tied to the security state he should question the entire official "COVID narrative" including the efficacy and safety of the new experimental COVID vaccines.

  8. Well, at least Biden tricked all those kids into admitting they smoked weed in college before sacking them. This is an administration you can trust.

  9. So I'm literally getting genetic testing in order to find out if I can be eligible to move out of this shit hole country into somewhere better where they're restricted by blood so here's hoping I actually have the ability to free my family from this deep shit " Republic…

  10. Maybe someone else pointed this out, but there is no oxford comma/serial comma before the "and". So the original wording could be taken to mean that the minimum wage increase was around half of the impact, with the list being the other half.

  11. This is precisely why conservatives are against free college for all. They're propaganda centers and brainwashing factories. You want to go plant yourself into these incubators, you pay for it.

  12. So at the end of this video you ask why they're doing all this you're mentioning that they want to give all of your shit to someone else basically and pillage and that isn't exactly it that is a very roundabout way of getting to the real meat of it but those are just tools used out of their little nap sack the real reason is because they want to maintain the divide between the ultra elite and I don't mean the politicians and 100 millionaires but the true planetary rulers and everybody else because if we were all allowed to flourish and they wouldn't feel special and their little egos would be ruined and they wouldn't be the supreme pharaohs the modern era that is the reason why it's as simple as that it's not about scarcity or anything else.