Comcast and Xfinity Attempt to Silence Laura Loomer, In Blatant Election Interference


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  1. Comcast received such massive blowback they now claim it was a "glitch", I suspect they realized after talking to their attorneys that they were screwed. Their excuse is BS since they blocked her on both email and texting messages. Laura is despised because her two main issues is anti-censorship and she calls out radical Islam. By the way the district she is leading in by 9% Hillary won by over 20%+ it is a DEEP BLUE district she is winning in, that has to scare the crap out of Dems.

  2. This happened in Canada already, when Faith Goldy tried to advertise her campaign for Mayor of Toronto 2018 or 19. They have a law in Canada and/or Ontario, that DEFINATELY guarantees the same amount of publicity for all the candidates, newspapers, tv-stations etc. just CAN NOT deny you an ad you pay for. She paid, confirmed, and got censored. They took it to court, which didn´t accept the case, which was against EVERYTHING in Canadian "justice". She was 4th in the polls, anyway, and that should´ve guaranteed her place in debates, but she wasn´t invited, and when she went anyway, she was forcibly removed from the place. Orwellian Toronto. Miss Goldy ran for the office because the current Mayor had been a corrupt pig for years.

  3. If you had the capability to defeat your opponent's stance proper, you'd do it.

    If you didn't, and you knew you didn't, you wouldn't let them enter the ring.

  4. Another amazing point is the absence of the lawyers. Alot of lawyers would be all over shit like this in order to make some sort of name for themselves in their legal circles…

  5. Every election there is corporate election interference against 3rd parties and independents, yet nobody from the Democrat and Republican parties say a word. They like it that way.

  6. Comcast was so (rightly) hated that it changed the name of its cable service to Xfinity. It still sucks balls. And yes, this is election interference. And no, not a fucking thing will be done about it.

  7. comcast doesn’t let customers cancel and raise prices on loyal customers and gives awful service. They should go to federal prison for their crimes. I will never use them.

  8. They banned Loomer because she used to contribute to infowars and post Alex Jones videos, she got deplatformed around the same time they did, and basically saying the same stuff about censorship as Alex was and they got pissed.

    Her actual politics are pretty tame.

  9. These people fought tooth and nail for Net Neutrality..Least they failed. As had they got their way. They would be the sole owners of content. Not to mention control of the bandwidth people can get.

  10. GHEEZ! The fact that she's so completely forbidden intrigues me, and tempts me to want to hear what she has to say. " Loomer is banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, GoFundMe, Venmo, MGM Resorts, PayPal, Lyft, Uber and Uber Eats . She was also banned from the March 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) after she attempted to confront reporters by chasing them through the conference."
    Loomer on YouTube

  11. The powers that be in the Democrat Party don't like Laura Loomer because she brought some illegal aliens to hang out at Nazi Pelosi's house, since Pelosi invited them all into the country.

  12. I'd take it for a grain of salt. Laura Loomer is the same "conservative" huckster that was convinced her rotten tires were slashed and did everything in her power to make it seem like they were slashed. Even faked a note from a "repair man" and everything.

  13. You're right that Congress should not be able to buy and sell stocks. They should be only able to buy indexes, mutual funds or hedge funds. No stock picking.