Come On…They Can’t Be Serious!

Fresh on the heels of George Bush’s “MasterClass” comes another, featuring former secretary of states Condoleezza Rice and the late Madeleine Albright – this time it’s all about ‘diplomacy’ – something you might want to learn about if you’re ever considering killing thousands of Iraqi children. #masterclass #teaching #politics

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I don't get why comics want to save the world. Saw one the other day on the telly, broke down and cried during his monologue. I think it was Jimmy Kimmel. C'mon mate! …if you want to help the world, tell funnier jokes…!!!

  2. When people are massively murder under nation stated, they say 'it was worth it'. When God witnesses the same he says (figuratevely) 'respawn!'

    dont take this analogy too far

  3. wHAT OTHER SONG LYRICS did we just throw away?
    speak on behalf of the next generation
    My sons and daughters, their children to come
    What will you leave them for their recreation
    An oil slick, a pylon, an industrial slum

    You plunder and pillage, you tear and you tunnel
    Trees lying toppled, roots finger the sky
    Building a land for machines and computers
    In the name of progress the farms have to die

    Fish in the ocean polluted and poisoned
    The sand on the beaches stinking and black
    And you with your tankers, your banks and investments
    Say, Never worry, the birds will come back

    When the last flower has dropped its last petal
    When the last concrete is finally laid
    The moon will shine cold on a nightmarish landscape
    Your gift to your children, this world that you made

  4. "If you're an Iraqi kid, your shirt's gonna end up red", and "…when they say American, they mean American Elite, and those, if you ask me, are Globalist Elite", says it all.

  5. Russell is so right. He uses a very in your face style which I think is fitting because books and various quiet doubt by honorable people has only made matters worse. I was in Vietnam as a Sgt in USMC. Every day I go to a website that gives a bio of the Americans that were killed that day in Vietnam. I rarely get through the list. My soul cries out in sorrow and guilt for the kids that will be forever 19. For what? Well, Westminster CA , is now filled with some very nice people who are now second generation Americans. These good people have given up their nail salons, gone to school and now run for Congress. Was this worth 55,000 of Americans never to live their lives, get educated, have families, read books, go to movies and the soul wrenching pain their families experienced? I think not!
    One of my good memories of Vietnam was a day they brought many of us in from the field. Issued us starched utilities and had us stand for hours waiting for then Vice President Hubert Humphrey to booster our moral with a surprise visit. I remember the Marine next to me saying, “Look at the pink little bastard!” We went to Vietnam to survive and go home. The USA has now made war less unpopular by using volunteer troops and longer range weapons to keep the country quiet and lower PTSD compensation. But, do not be deceived the families on the other end of our weapons still suffer just as much as when every family in this country knew someone who had died.
    We fight these wars every ten years or so. Someone must benefit from them? Is it for lower gas prices or exceptionalism? I think it is more likely to make the rich richer. Watching Bush paint flowers is akin to watching Stalin run a day care center. Do you remember WMD,s? They knew there were none. I want to forgive but I really hope there is a spot in hell that Bush can draw life portraits of his whole administration. We have left a trail of death around the world while they have us voting over who may use what bathroom. And still we kill! Who is paying for the weapons to keep the Ukraine free? You are out of every paycheck even though now kids in this country go to bed hungry. Ask your representative if you think you live in a free country. Make no mistake we even murder our own to be exceptional!

  6. Well unfortunately we women have now been conditioned to kill the most vulnerable amongst us in abortion so nothing is beyond what we are capable of. But I suppose you could say that's true of human nature in general.

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